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Premiere: Queen of Hearts – ‘Like a Drug’

Taken from her debut album ‘Cocoon’, the enigmatic Queen of Hearts has released her new video for ‘Like a Drug. Since the release of her debut EP, ‘The Arrival‘, Queen of Hearts has received rallying support from the likes of The Times, The Guardian and influential …



CuckooLander – ‘Dumb Dee Diddy Dumb’

Out of the depths of the internet comes the mysterious CuckooLander, a shady female artist who is packing a serious punch with debut video ‘Dumb Dee Diddy Dumb’.

Shrouded with artistic intrigue, there is little being offered as to who is behind the moniker but what we do know …



Notion x The Line of Best Fit Present: LOLO – Year Round Summer of Love

A fantastic start to a cold January morning is the latest installment in our ongoing partnership with The Line of Best Fit: presenting up-and-coming pop artists in intimate video sessions, with superior audio quality and no gimmicks. And first off in 2014 is the fantastic LOLO. She caught our …


Ampera x Cafe

Event Preview: Vauxhall Presents Made in England

Katy England, known for her fashion prowess, styling for the likes of McQueen and Ford (Check out her styling here) has teamed up with Vauxhall Motors to make her directorial debut. England’s new film dives straight into the ‘Youth Culture and Style’ in Britain today. Seeing as how: youth, …



Stream: Frederic Mercier – ‘Spirit’

At the beginning of this week, as at the beginning of most weeks, a torrent of records flood from the postbags at Notion and are distributed among the team. We get everything from hardcore post-rock to flyweight folk; the mainest of mainstream rubbish to the obscurest Hungarian reissues. It is …



New Video Alert: Charli XCX – ‘SuperLove’

Notion is, it’s safe to say, pretty massive fans of the fantastic Miss Charli XCX. We gave her her first UK magazine cover; Our Ed Michael Lewin raved over her debut album, heck even our very own Alexis Knox got involved with her styling. That’s cos she’s our kinda …



Philips x Armin van Buuren = DJ Heaven

Berlin is the undisputed home of forward-thinking dance music. It’s also the home of world-class tech conference IFA, and it was the mashup of these two seemingly disparate worlds that brought me to the German capital just the other week.

Congregating in the Messe Berlin conference centre for IFA (imagine …



Unknown announce world’s first Boiler Room Island

Set against the lush waters and white sands of Croatia, Unknown have broken the boundaries of expectation by hosting the first ever  Boiler Room Island. Visible from the mainland but connected only by boat, Boiler Room Island will no doubt be the climax for an exclusive 120 ticket holders. …



Introducing: Aloa Input

Aloa Input, a three-piece consisting of Cico Beck (aka Joasihno), Marcus Grassl and Florian Kreier, are the latest signings to Morr Music. The trio have an obnoxious love for all kinds of input; Animal Collective, Beck, The Beatles and Ennio Morricone. Their debut full-length album, Anysome, presents …


Low End Theory comes to London for the first time on August 16th

Low End Theory comes to London… for the first time ever!

Low End Theory is the super cool Los Angeles club night run by everyone’s favorite avant garde hip hop producer, Flying Lotus. And tonight he’ll be showing London just what LET is all about when the California beatsmith performs at Village Underground tonight. FlyLo will be joined by the …