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Interview: Redinho

 It’s an exciting time for DJ, producer, songwriter and talkbox aficionado Redinho. After three years in the oven, his eponymous debut album is ready…and we all know that slow cooking is the key to a flavorsome entrée. We catch up with him to chat 80s funk, childhood soul heroes, the


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Wayne Coyne – Back in the Day

The Flaming Lips frontman is in expansive mood when he meets Alex Cull for an interview more like a session at a psychoanalyst – for both. Wayne Coyne seeks to explain what The Terror is: their latest album, yes, but much more.

“I’ve sung a lot about the power of …



Interview: XO

XO is the latest in the crop of young producers that make you feel guilty because, to put it bluntly, he’s already achieved more than you ever will. The nineteen-year-old producer burst onto the scene last year, after he dropped a couple of intriguing reworks, but it’s not taken him


New Track: Redinho – ‘Playing With Fire’

Numbers ‘secret weapon’, London-based Redinho, has just announced that his eagerly awaited debut album is soon to be released after three years in the making. The albums first robofunk-fuelled taster, ‘Playing With Fire’, is now available to stream.

If you haven’t read the papers recently and didn’t know that …


New Track: SBTRKT ‘NEW DORP. NEW YORK. feat Ezra Koenig’

The long wait is over. The masked marauder, SBTRKT, is back to defend his deserved title as the wizard producer. Since he released his eponymous debut album in 2011, he has elasticated the electronic scene, bringing the often niche-genre to the masses and rearranging the rules of that genre …


New Track: Real Lies – ‘North Circular (Helix Remix)’

Having swamped the electronic pop scene last year with their inexhaustible debut single, ‘World Peace’, London-based band Real Lies are returning. Just released is a Helix remix of their new, ‘North Circular’. It seems in our post-millennial world we yearn for the restoration of decades gone by and this remix …


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New Album: Giana Factory – Lemon Moon

It’s 2014 and girl bands are still sadly scarce. So there’s something about a fellow female playing her own synth and beating on a drumpad (because we have rage too) that resonates with me. Especially when they play as well as the seamlessly cool Danish trio, Giana Factory.

Whilst you …



New track: Emikaized ‘Let’s Dance’

Her mum is from the Czech republic, she’s a classically trained musician who grew up in Milton Keynes and now she lives in Berlin. Emika is an intriguing woman with a soul for electronic music – a self made artist with drive and unmistakeable talent who says that music is …


soft as snow new

Playlist: Soft As Snow

 Experimental pop duo Soft as Snow have a refreshing approach to music making. Forget laptops and welcome back analogue synths, the Norwegian pair have come together to produce hypnotic electronic beats that we love. 

Like what you hear? Lucky you, Soft as Snow are playing tonight at Birthdays in Dalston.



Video: ‘Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: The New Sequence’

Imagine floating through outer space, in zero gravity, your eyes are closed and the images of the distant galaxies are imprinted on the inside of your eyelids, flashing spots of different colour. Or simply picture almost anything else just as surreal and exciting. If you are having trouble with that, …