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New Track: Deejay Deer ‘Unnatural’

I grew up on my dad’s old funk and blues records; on soul artists whose confessional, intensely personal storytelling made me feel as if I knew Rickie Lee Jones better than my sister, and like John Lee Hooker was just the guy I bought milk from every morning at my …



Video: ‘Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory: The New Sequence’

Imagine floating through outer space, in zero gravity, your eyes are closed and the images of the distant galaxies are imprinted on the inside of your eyelids, flashing spots of different colour. Or simply picture almost anything else just as surreal and exciting. If you are having trouble with that, …



Interview: Chelsea Wolfe

“Who is more frightened: those bursting out of their darkness of woods upon all the space of light, or those from the open tiptoeing into the forests?” ponders D.H. Lawrence in his semi-autobiographical masterwork, Sons and Lovers. It’s a passage that American noir-tinged singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe is quick to


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Introducing: Pincers

Every now and then, a record shows up in your inbox/promo pile/Spotify recommendations (delete as appropriate) that completely knocks you for six. It could be that this particular artist is doing something so frighteningly unique that it warrants no easy classification, it might be that it’s just impeccably well-written and



New Track: Kelela – ‘Enemy’ (Prod. Nguzunguzu)

Taking a look at the track listing for Kelela’s upcoming mixtape is enough to unanimously wet the appetite’s of experimental heads everywhere



Introducing: Superhuman Happiness

There is a thing about ~supergroups~ and combining an amalgamation of talent thwarted from various sideprojects and musical musings that sways between the lines of genius and more often than not, a clusterfuck of noise. Fortunately, Superhuman Happiness manage to stay on the right side of that so frequently tainted line, producing a concoction of elements that coalesce in one shared vision.



New Video: Bondax – ‘Giving It All’

Feels like summer is slipping away faster by the day, right? Thankfully Bondax has provided some much needed sun kissed visuals to ease the pain of donning jumpers instead of shorts.


Low End Theory comes to London for the first time on August 16th

Low End Theory comes to London… for the first time ever!

Low End Theory is the super cool Los Angeles club night run by everyone’s favorite avant garde hip hop producer, Flying Lotus. And tonight he’ll be showing London just what LET is all about when the California beatsmith performs at Village Underground tonight. FlyLo will be joined by the …



Album Review: Matthew Herbert – The End of Silence

Ras Lanuf, Libya, 11th March 2011. A battle is being fought. This is the starting point for Matthew Herbert‘s gripping work of sound art, The End of Silence. Herbert uses an auditory fragment of this event, a momentary recording made by photographer Sebastian Meyer, as the point …


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Interview: HEALTH

Never afraid to push boundaries in their music, performance, or outfits, LA noise rockers HEALTH have earned a reputation for doing things differently. To give you an idea, as part of the promotion for 2009 album Get Color, the band offered locks of their hair and posters autographed in