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Lady Leshurr on John Hammond

As part of their campaign about iconic music industry disruptor John Hammond, Guinness have commissioned a series of brilliant films with contemporary artists realising his legacy in the current day. Rising new grime star Lady Leshurr gives her take in a stunning story of her lyricism and striving: “John Hammond …



Track Premiere: P Money – ‘Bass In Ya Face’

Ah, grime. One of those forlorn British genres that seems to have found itself shrouded by 280p YouTube videos, an inherent back-and-forth artist ‘beef’, and Lethal Bizzle ranting down a webcam using slang too ridiculous to make it onto Urban Dictionary. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you …



Exclusive Snippets from Big H ‘Fire and Smoke’

The most hotly anticipated grime album of all time is finally here! and we have some exclusive snippets to share with you. Ahead of the official Christmas Eve release, Big H has given us some exclusive snippets of his favourite tracks from the new (and long awaited) album ‘Fire and …



What do Drawings of the London Underground say About Underground Artists?

We grouped together some of the UK’s leading underground artists and asked them to draw the London Underground tube map from memory… why? Well, just for a laugh really. Then we thought we should probably add some kind of journalistic element, being that we are such a cool, cutting-edge publication.



Interview: P Money

P (No name, just a letter motherfucker) Money is back, fully equipped with his first solo offering for some time. Not only do we get a single, but also a new 5 track EP, Round The Clock. We caught up with the south London MC to discuss the death of



Interview: A Group Chat with Star One, Ghetts and Aynzli Jones

Production duo Joe and Adam aka Star One reveal their latest track ‘Wanted Man’ where they join forces with one of grime’s most talented and true to form MCs, Ghetts and singer songwriter Aynzli Jones. Production is somehow dirty, but light at the same time and Aynzli’s raspy reggae tones …



MC Romeo Is Going To Help You Get Car Insurance

Yes, you read that correctly… Reaching the (not so) definitive part of an illustrious music career, MC Romeo has joined the ranks of celebrity fronted advertising campaigns.



Breaking News: Wiley Actually Turned up to Something

This might have something to do with not having to perform in a muddy field and instead, spend the day in a BBC 1XTra studio. Either way, Wiley arrived and a documentary was made.



My favourite songs: Shakka

We tap into Shakka’s sentimental side and ask him to list eight songs that mean the most to him, or have inspired his career thus far. Difficult task given all the amazing music in the world, but he did a stellar job. Have a look at his selection below…




Track Premiere: J2K – ‘Fresh’

On the title track from his forthcoming Fresh EP, Roll Deep mainstay J2K moves out of the shadow of some of his more notorious peers – Wiley, Skepta, Flow Dan et al – to prove himself more than up to the challenge of going solo.

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