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Azealia Banks: Past Dialogues

Fresh off the rampant success of breakthrough single 212, THOMAS HANNAN spoke with controversial rapper Azealia Banks for Notion 056.

“Are you going to ask me why I like rapping about sex so much?”

I’ve actually nothing of the sort in mind.  After all, if you know anything about Azealia …



Raekwon Interview: “My music is luxury art”

 He has a classic hip hop album under his belt and this year marks its 20th anniversary. He is also part of one of the best hip hop collectives ever to do it and The Wu-Tang Clan, amongst several other accolades, have a classic hip hop album under their belts



Ace Hood is No More Mr Nice Guy

We caught up with rapper Ace Hood on a fly visit through London to talk about Angela Simmons, YMCMB’s latest woes and a possible joint project with dancehall artist, Movado.

Planet Notion: You have a fairly new track called ‘We Don’t Fuck With You’, which came out after Big Sean’s …



J Spades on Slick Rick and pagan yats

Two years after A$AP Ferg delivered ‘Shabba’ to the masses, Hackney rapper, J Spades, has given us our very own, UK, ode to an unsung hero in ‘Slick Rick’. Enlisting the help of Tinie Tempah and Professor Green, we are made to remember and also educate ourselves on hip hop …



Record Shopping with GoldLink

Whilst in London this summer for his sell out show in Shoreditch – that Andre 3000 of OutKast casually decided to come along to and watch – we thought it only fitting that a rapper with such eclectic musical taste, should be shown around one of London’s finest record shops,



YG Interview: “Ain’t nothing clean out here in this world.”

A rapper from LA with strong Piru Blood gang affiliations, an ex criminal – specialising in residential burglary – with a very big issue with the letter ‘C’; ‘My Krazy Life’, ‘Bicken Back Being Bool’ Piru actually being ‘Crip’ spelled backwards with the ‘C’ on it’s back; has emerged with …


Crookers: ATM Interview

Italian dance-floor smashers Phra and Bot teamed up in 2003, bonding in Milan over a shared love of hip-hop and electronic music. Working together to create their own ‘crooked’ beats sprinkled with signature glitch-y basslines, they created a sound that was refreshingly unique to their un-inspired local scene.

 Massive critical



Why Illmatic is One of the Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time

Incredibly, twenty years have passed since New York rapper Nas dropped his groundbreaking debut album, Illmatic – a record that ventured into uncharted hip-hop territory, creating an alternative angle for a genre dominated at the time by ‘gangsta rap’. Illmatic took hip-hop back to its organic roots, a storytelling record …



What do Drawings of the London Underground say About Underground Artists?

We grouped together some of the UK’s leading underground artists and asked them to draw the London Underground tube map from memory… why? Well, just for a laugh really. Then we thought we should probably add some kind of journalistic element, being that we are such a cool, cutting-edge publication.



Interview: Piff Gang

The US love them (A$AP Rocky is a fan), stringent UK rap fans appear to be unsure, but most people get it and can appreciate the Piff Gang for their niche take on UK rap – and if you don’t, they really don’t care anyway.

Albeit our second attempt, we