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Introducing: Barnaby.

As the year draws to a close, all eyes turn towards the artists who are predicted to make it big in the new year. Southampton-based vocalist and producer Barnaby Atherton, aka Barnaby. (punctuation is important guys), is one of those ‘artists to watch’ in 2014.

Back in July, he caught



Introducing: Wayward

About halfway through our chat with Leeds-via-London production duo Wayward, the pair – when asked about an apparent increasing sense of soul in their music – tell us how they’re “just trying to make music that creates an atmosphere; that’s the over-arching theme rather than any influence of genre.”



Introducing: Ryan Vail

Ryan Vail is preparing to step out of the shadows. A slew of impressive achievements over the last year, such as releasing new single ‘Free’ in October and supporting the likes of Jon Hopkins and Jamie XX, have sped things up for Vail and now there’s a much anticipated debut



Introducing: Gallant

In an age of digital anonymity, there’s something well and truly refreshing about a musician who – while still technically anonymous – takes the time to Snapchat with his fans. That’s exactly what you get with LA’s Gallant: an RnB maestro, and Felix Snow collaborator, who is known for



Introducing: Sasha Keable

We meet the entrancing Sasha Keable and give you an exclusive first-look at her ‘Careless Over You‘ video.

At just 19-years-old, rising South London singer/songwriter Sasha Keable has been causing a stir for all the right reasons. You may already be aware of Sasha from her features on …



Introducing: Charlotte OC

The end of November sees the release of Charlotte OC’s EP Colour My Heart, a four-track offering from the Blackburn-born songstress recorded in LA with Solange and Sia producer, Tim Anderson. While influenced by everything from Alicia Keys to Talking Heads to Lou Reed, it was the city of



Introducing: Knytro

“Must be the JME in me still unsigned, my Immortal Technique piss off the one time…”

The clever name dropping/homage rhymes laid over a filthy bass-laden instrumental, and accompanied by a very unique and well shot video, makes London-hailing Knytro a definite one to watch.

Although we thoroughly love this …



Introducing: La Femme

La Femme’s band members are mostly blokes – even if their name implies otherwise. They’re also, as you might have guessed, French. The band was founded by guitarist Sacha Got and keyboard player Marlon Magnée in Biarritz before they moved to Paris; they also spent some time conquering California



Introducing: Tori Kelly

At just 20 years of age, it already feel as though Tori Kelly has done, well, just about everything. The wavy-haired Californian songstress has won America’s Most Talented Kids, amassed a loyal following of over 650, 000 subscribers to the YouTube channel where she posts both acoustic originals and loveable


Pincers-Promo-Shot-1 (1)

Introducing: Pincers

Every now and then, a record shows up in your inbox/promo pile/Spotify recommendations (delete as appropriate) that completely knocks you for six. It could be that this particular artist is doing something so frighteningly unique that it warrants no easy classification, it might be that it’s just impeccably well-written and