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Friday Mixtape: Solomon Grey

Long week? Yep, us too. Fortunately, Black Butter-signed duo Solomon Grey – comprised of university chums Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson – dropped by the Notion mailbox with the sort of mixtape bound to exfoliate any inkling of day-to-day stress from your aching limbs. Running the gamut from Balam



Whinnie Williams Presents – Mix Tape Volume 2

With trusty sidekick Brian the poodle at her side, Whinnie Williams is as quirky as she is gorgeous. Once Sunday Girl, the now reformed Whinnie (named so after the first born men in her family) is once again showcasing her honeyed, enticing vocal range with her new Mix Tape, Volume …



BOTW Premiere: Clubfeet – ‘No Evil’ Mixtape

It’s more than a little apt that our BOTW, Cape Town-via-Melbourne five-piece Clubfeet, have opted to supply us with a mixtape that’s formed in the majority from remixes and alternate edits. After all, not only have the quintet just released a new EP made up of remixes from their …



Swedish Sweets: ‘Children of the Snow’ Mixtape by Saturday, Monday

Need a little something sweet this foggy Wednesday. Wait, actually look outside a window…what is going on out there. East London is masked by fog, it’s kinda like fashion for buildings. No? Yeah, that was stupid. BUT you know what’s not stupid? Free music, and especially if that music comes …



Friday Mixtape: Memory9 – Red Planet Blues

Memory 9, the moniker for prodigal beatmaker Gadi Sassoon, has bestowed a transcending diversity in his releases, moving between genres as varied as jungle, jazz, hip-hop and footwork. These constantly-shifting soundscapes might have something to do with his training as a jazz guitarist and a slide towards the organic side …



Interview: Discussing the References on Mikill Pane’s Mixtape

Besides making us all stutter at the prospect of pronouncing his name, Mikill Pane has somewhat of a tireless ethos when it comes to putting out material. Following two self-financed projects in 2011 and 2012, the pseudonym behind Justin Uzomba has signed for a major label, released a debut …



Guest Mix: 80s Child – Back to the ’80s Mix

Danny Worrall, aka 80s Child, grew up listening to the likes of Toto, Prince, Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates and Michael Jackson. It’s no wonder then, that the edit-aficionado has returned to his childhood soundtrack, taking influence from the boogie-heavy tunes of the 80s. Having established himself on the …



Exclusive Mix: Mr. C – The End Classics

In the build up to Red Bulls’ Revolutions In Sound – bringing 30 of the most legendary UK club nights of past and present together for one landmark night – tech-house aficionado, Mr.C, pays homage to ‘The End’, picking out some of the best tracks from the club’s heritage. To …



Friday Mixtape: Josh Caffe – Love Ruined

Guys, it’s Friday! And to help spread that end-of-the-week feeling we have an exclusive mix from Josh Caffe, certified to kickstart any pending shenanigans. Love Ruined is a mixtape that features tracks from Josh’s recently released EP with David Newtron, Caffe Culture pt1.

As you can probably guess, the …



BOTW Playlist: John Wizards

If you’ve spent as much time dancing deliriously to John Wizards‘ self-titled debut album this week as we have – and if you haven’t then why not? – you’ll likely have envisioned that the man behind the music, Cape Town’s John Withers, must have some extraordinary listening habits. Well,