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Laurel Holy Water Shots

Moodboard: Laurel

Laurel describes herself as a ‘musician, poet and wanderer of the world’. We think her downbeat, minimal pop marks her out as one of the great hopes for next year – just check out the incredible Holy Water EP cuts on her Soundcloud below. Here, she explains her influences, from …


ESPA_2 copy copy

Moodboard: Espa

Espa is not like many acts you will come across at the moment. Previous releases ‘Apartment 2f’ and ‘Your Ghost’ wooed audiences with her haunting vocals and stunning voice, accompanied by her eye-catching look. Now, Espa has released her first (of many!) solo project, ’150th and Broadway’ and with production


Moodboard: HOLYCHILD

The minute we heard HOLYCHILD we knew it was love. Brash, off-kilter, slightly absurb, they make a sort of snotty electropop that begs you to fall in love. Their performance of ‘Happy With Me’ for YoursTrulySF is our session of the year. We got them to explain what makes them



Premiere AND Moodboard – Bear’s Den, ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’

So the amazing Bear’s Den have a double treat for us – how they spoil us! Firstly, we be super proud to premiere the video for their absolutely gorgeous slice of mid-afternoon melancholy ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’, a gentle eternal Sunday teatime regret stomper of a song. Listen and



Mood board: Young Buffalo

Although they’ve only been performing under the moniker ‘Young Buffalo’ since 2009, Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett have been writing together for over 10 years. After the recent release of their new single ‘Sykia’, the group’s shiny new 11 track debut album ‘House’ is complete and is scheduled to …



Moodboard: Secondcity

UK-based Anglo-American producer Secondcity is leading the next wave of big nu-house talents currently taking dancefloors, airwaves, and summer park soundsystems by storm, having secured his first ever number 1 with the irresistable piano-and-diva-isms of ‘I Wanna Feel‘. Here he brings together the influences that have inspired him.…


Kyla La Grange – Fly

BOTW Moodboard: Kyla La Grange

Riding high on the back of second album ‘Cut Your Teeth’, the amazing Kyla La Grange takes us through some of the brilliant things that inspire her on a daily basis, from her pet dog and trifle to Game of Thrones and other fantasies.

Air Crash Investigation

‘I get really …



Moodboard: Mizan

In celebration of her new track ‘Thru’, the brilliant Mizan shares her inspirations with us.

Nirvana Unplugged – Apologies

This is an MTV Unplugged performance of “Apologies” by Nirvana. The mood of the performance was so sombre and this particular rendition of the song was compelling- in my imagination, …



Moodboard: Labyrinth Ear

UK duo Emily and Tom, or the better known Labyrinth Ear released their debut album, The Orchid Room, on 14th April. Their paths crossed over mutual tastes in music and their eclectic backgrounds mean that their sound is rather interesting. The blend of folk-like lyrics fosters a visuality to their


Tirzah Press shot

BOTW Moodboard: Tirzah

London artist Tirzah lets us in on her (mostly) musical winners in this week’s BOTW Moodboard. Eclectic to say the least, we veer from old-time crooners to obscure post-disco, via an influential stand-up comic, a dancehall singjay, Elvis Presley and a bandcamp newcomer. There’s truly something for everyone.

‘Tenor Saw …