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A Guide to Stockholm with Vulkano

If their debut full-length, Live Wild Die Free, is anything to go by, Vulkano are 100% the sort of ladies we’d love to have showing us the sights, smells and sounds of their Stockholm hometown. The record’s eleven tracks of playful post-punk are full to bursting point with character,



In Focus: Rory Attwell (Warm Brains)

Rory Attwell has been known as somewhat of a project polygamist when it comes to releasing music. Since the disbanding of Test Icicles in 2006, Raary Decihells moved on to form RAT:ATT:AGG and KASMs, before landing at Warm Brains. Not to mention a discography of production credit with bands that …



Album Review: Holograms – Forever

Since the release of their debut album last year, Holograms have clearly had a soul-searching ride. The overwhelming experience of extensive touring and losing their jobs left the band returning home to working class Sweden feeling bored and isolated once more. Forever homes in on the exhaustion suffered and sanity …



BOTW Playlist: Wild Nothing

With his latest EP, Empty Estate, Wild Nothing‘s Jack Tatum has left behind the more despondent virtues espoused by his first two full-lengths, 2010′s Gemini and last year’s follow-up, Nocturne. Instead, he’s produced a riveting suite comprised of buoyant new wave, motorik post-punk and dabbles in carefully



BOTW Review: Wild Nothing – Empty Estate

Empty Estate seems to herald a new age for Wild Nothing. After producing two shoegaze, dream pop albums, Virginia’s Jack Tatum has got his head out of the clouds and is back with his most adventurous record yet.

What’s more, Empty Estate is fun – a word Wild Nothing …



BOTW Interview: Wild Nothing

Virginian native and indie-pop wunderkind Jack Tatum – aka Wild Nothing – has certainly let himself float stylistically adrift on his latest EP, Empty Estate. What it’s allowed for, though, is a record unafraid to experiment with form and function; one that moves in ways that would have been



BOTW Video: Wild Nothing – ‘A Dancing Shell’

As a visual metaphor for Wild Nothing‘s musical journey so far, the video for Empty Estate high point ‘A Dancing Shell‘ is unparalleled. It starts out, by and large, in black and white, casting hypnotic shapes at the viewer – just remind yourself of how enchanting and …



Interview: Sonny Smith

Sonny & the Sunsets‘ latest album, the new wave-infused Antenna to the Afterworld, feels like a stark departure from the group’s previous outing, 2012′s Longtime Companion. Rooted in the sci-fi literary influences and beat poets that informed band leader Sonny Smith‘s childhood, it’s a whirlwind post-punk


Parquet Courts

Interview: Parquet Courts

With their re-released debut album, Light Up Gold, hitting the UK this week, we caught up with Austin Brown of New York post-punk quartet Parquet Courts for a quickfire chat about life on the road, their recent visits to the UK and the best vegetarian restaurant to head to



Interview: Bleached

Sisterly duo, Bleached, first caught our attention last year but since then they’ve gone from strength to strength. Online New Music Editor Alex Cull caught up with them ahead of the release of their album ‘Ride Your Heart’ on 2nd April.

PlanetNotion: How has being siblings affected the working dynamic