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Track-by-track: The Irrepressibles – ‘Nude: Viscera’

Last year The Irrepressibles released their second album, a self-described homo-iconic record. The album was well received as much for its musicality as for its political activism concerning gay rights. In a defiant move the band performed an open free concert in Gorky Park, Moscow, in front of a 5,000 



Premiere & Q&A: Rae Morris – ‘My God’

The very amazing Rae Morris – Zane Lowe-championed, George Ezra-supporting, 2015-hot tipped – has a present for you! The subtly rushing, yearning ‘My God’ is an torch anthem of self-reassurance, taken from her coming EP ‘Closer’ (the titular single of which is equally awesome, and showcases the raw power,



Premiere AND Moodboard – Bear’s Den, ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’

So the amazing Bear’s Den have a double treat for us – how they spoil us! Firstly, we be super proud to premiere the video for their absolutely gorgeous slice of mid-afternoon melancholy ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’, a gentle eternal Sunday teatime regret stomper of a song. Listen and


Video Premiere: Ofei – ‘Wow’

Twenty-something Londoner, Ofei, has something very special. This is head spinning-ly beautiful music to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.The unrefined, raw and deeply emotional undertones in his voice are refreshingly unique. Ofei’s ‘London’ EP is an unabashed, riveting culmination of poignant peaks and



Track Premiere: Shy for Shore: ‘Love, Again’

We’ve been pining over the blissful sounds emerging from the Nordic regions for the past few years. It seems as though there’s an endless talent pool of dream-pop crooners waiting to launch themselves into our eardrums with a unique blend of stunning vocals and the kind of 80s synth-driven instrumentals …



Track Premiere: Russell Dean Stone – ‘Keeping the Faith’

It gets a bit dull when all the new male solo artists that drop into your inbox are making sickeningly smooth future R&B under semi-anonymous pseudonyms, it’s got to the point where we can’t tell our Oceaán’s from our Bondax’s half the time. It’s no wonder all the big names …



Video Premiere: Caveman – ‘Shut You Down’

‘Do you know the band Caveman?’ was the opening pitch when this video landed in my inbox. I didn’t (I’m sorry), but with a name like Caveman, I thought I had a rough idea of the similarly rough-round-the-edges soundscapes that the band might have. You know, that post-folksy, probably comes …



Premiere: XO Man – ‘LDN’

It’s not often a track lands in my inbox and consequently makes me laugh out my Tesco meal deal, but with lines like “I’ve been doing this ting while doing your ting” combined with the eccentricity of XO Man, I reckon we might have found a valid reason for banning …



Rae Morris – ‘Do You Even Know’ (Two Inch Punch Remix)

We’ve been waiting for that new voice to reach our ears. You know, the one that fills you with a genuine anticipation for things to come. Blackpool’s Rae Morris (who may receive comparisons to the likes of Lorde or a younger Ellie Goulding) first caught our attention with a whispered …



Track Premiere: Thief – ‘Closer’ (Acoustic Version)

When PJ Wolf (aka Thief) first released ‘Closer’, he had the office simultaneously fidgeting in our desk chairs for a good few weeks. It was a slice of disjointed electro that made it hard to feel all gloomy about heartbreak when it could sound this good. Now, the Australian singer-songwriter …