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Interview: Lunar C

The evolution from battle rapper to fully fledged MC: a path several set upon but few conquer. Papoose, Cassidy and most recently London’s Professor Green are a handful of the artists to effectively manage the transition from stage to studio.

Now another has emerged, twenty two year old Lunar C



Track Premiere: J2K – ‘Fresh’

On the title track from his forthcoming Fresh EP, Roll Deep mainstay J2K moves out of the shadow of some of his more notorious peers – Wiley, Skepta, Flow Dan et al – to prove himself more than up to the challenge of going solo.

Forged from …


Interview: U-God (Part two)

It’s very difficult not to view Wu-Tang as we all did in 1993. We get caught up in the nostalgia and very easily forget that these are all grown men, some with children who are graduating from college.  With his ‘been there and done that’ T-Shirt almost worn to shreds


Interview: U-God (Part one)

During the London stop of the Wu-Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary tour, we caught up with the iconic rap collective’s often most misconceived member, U-God.

We kick off part one of this frank and charismatic two part interview, discussing the new solo album ‘The Keynote Speaker’, reaching out to Gucci



Interview: Context

It seems everything’s taking off in the world of displaced, formerly Norwich-based MC, Context. Now living in London, the last few months have seen him drop what may be his strongest track to date in the form of the acerbic ‘Small Town Lad Sentiments‘: a biting tune


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Video: Jay-Z explains ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

So I’ve just found out I’ll be heading down to see Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake at Wireless on Sunday and am absolutely BUZZING. Getting into the spirit of the hip hop veteran’s 12th album Magna Carta Holy Grail, I’ve been watching these video teasers on repeat (#totallysane). Even for …



Video Playlist: Behind Jay-Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail

Haven’t heard Magna Carta… Holy Grail yet? Where have you been?! On his twelfth studio full-length, Jay-Z – who shall henceforth be referred to as Hova – once again brings to the table a lofty, star-studded affair that, if nothing else, perfectly encapsulates the headphone-blasting zeitgeist of our times. With …



The Best (and Worst) of Yeezus

Kanye West’s new album Yeezus has caused a critical groundswell since its release last month. Its raw, synth-based sound and impassioned (if rough-around-the-edges) vocals have found plenty of defenders and detractors. Interviews with Rick Rubin, who was brought in at the last minute as an “Executive Producer”, reveal that …



News: Ciara releases new video and album

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole 9 years since R&B diva Ciara released her first album Goodies. The ‘Like A Boy’ singer is not unfamiliar to the odd collaboration here and there — with a CV stacking up with names from Justin Timberlake to Ludacris — and now …


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The Many Faces of Mos Def

‘I’m a pirate on an island seeking treasure known as silence’ – ‘Habitat’, Black On Both Sides

Like the seafarer talked of in his lyrics, Dante Smith is an individual made up of many guises, a person subject to the mysterious, prone to the ecstatic. Musician, activist, actor, icon