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Moodboard: I Break Horses

Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck’s second full-length as I Break Horses, Chiaroscuro, is a rather sublime thing. Whether the Swedish duo are dabbling in lurching witch-gaze (‘Medicine Brush‘, ‘Berceuse‘) or blissful, escapist synth-pop (‘Denial‘), what really comes through is the clarity and


New track: Deaf Club – Lines and Limits

London-via-Wales Deaf Club have released Lines and Limits, a brooding and gorgeously melancholic piece that see the band continue their onslaught of synth-shoegaze ruminations.

Lifted from the forthcoming EP Take In Colour, Lines and Limits takes the best of Placebo and strips backs the bloat to create something …



Tusindfald land in the UK with new single ‘Kys’

Tusindfald are a new Danish band, that we have just fallen in love with. The lead single ‘Kys’, is lifted from their debut EP of the same title which is set for release on August 12th through Indelabel.

The shoegaze style of ‘Kys‘ is dreamy and so …



BOTW Playlist: Pure X

When we first asked our current BOTW, Texan shoegaze trio Pure X, to put together a compilation of the tracks that had inspired their twisting and riving second album, Crawling Up the Stairs, we never could have expected what we’d get in return. The playlist they provided us



BOTW Review: Pure X – Crawling Up the Stairs

Born out of a period of emotional – and medical – turmoil for Pure X frontman Nate Grace, the Texan trio’s second album, Crawling Up the Stairs, can certainly feel despondent on a cursory listen, but allow it to gestate in your ears a little longer and it soon …



BOTW Interview: Pure X

A brief glance over the cover art for Pure X’s recent sophomore album, Crawling Up the Stairs, reveals multiple parallel strands as to where the Texan three-piece are coming from this time around. While the group’s vocalist Nate Grace is understandably withdrawn about revealing its true intentions, describing …



Interview: Melody’s Echo Chamber

If you haven’t heard of Melody’s Echo Chamber you’ve been living under a rock. And while it’s cold, dark and probably very boring under there, multi-instrumentalist Melody Prochet makes for a world of warming, lurid, Summer pop. Her eponymous debut album, produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, serves up



Introducing: Hibou

Seattle’s Peter Michel – who works under the moniker, Hibou – forges driving, motorik guitar odysseys imbued with the expansive romance of the open road. His recently released single Glow/Hollow brings to mind the cyclical jangles of DIIV‘s Oshin or Wild Nothing‘s Gemini, but on a far …


Ulrich sleeve - 1000x1000 pixels

Album Review: Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way To Fall

Something disturbingly mathematical this way comes. Ethereal break-beat and rushing saccharine shoegaze of this magnitude is no accident. This record has been scientifically manufactured; a thousand electronic scrawls condensed into a sonic torrent of gigabytes and nanoseconds, orchestrated through a million synthesizers, levers, pedals and switches, magnified and purified and …



Album Review: Allah-Las – Allah-Las

Allah-Las are a psych rock band who formed in Los Angeles back in 2008, priding themselves on their LA-centric, geographically enhanced laid-back style. Having released their debut EP Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) earlier this year to rave reviews and the impressive approval of Patrick Campbell-Lyons, Allah Las …