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60s Soul Voices for Your New Year’s Vibe-off

Here is a fabulous playlist of 60s Soul Voices to get you through the new year. Enjoy, like, share, brothers.



BOTW Playlist: LAW

We’ve spent a lot of time this week talking about how ascendant Edinburgh songwriter Lauren Holt, aka LAW, has been revitalising pop, soul and hip-hop by deconstructing all three genres and reforming them into strange – and wonderful – new shapes. Her knack for doing so is hardly something



BOTW Video Premiere: LAW – ‘Haters’

“It’s just a business I’m new to/go ahead bring your crews too.” There couldn’t be a better kick-off than ‘Haters‘ for fast-rising soulstress Lauren Holt’s debut EP as LAW, Haters & Gangsters. Everything about the track feels like a call-to-arms, a hand planted firmly on the …



Meet our BOTW: LAW

There’s something truly enchanting about the way Edinburgh’s Lauren Holt operates as LAW. Within the rustling beats and intensely honest lyricisms of her debut EP, Haters and Gangsters, lies a songwriter not only at the top of her game, but unafraid to live in the now, documenting the



Interview: Ella Eyre

In a year when female popstars have entered the frame in ways that, at times, seem more frivolous than musically-orientated, it’s rare to see someone breakthrough with a genuine integrity. 19-year-old Ella Eyre has done just that, building on her vocal features – think Rudimental, Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifa



Why R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties’ Will Soundtrack Your Next Baby-Making Session

Tracing R. Kelly’s career is like a timeline of sexual escapades, narrated by the love-provider himself, and climaxing in a soulful ode to the his most recent sexual conquests. It’s almost as if after every single (probably double) partner, Kelly rolls off his luxe fur sheets and with a body …



Interview: Har Mar Superstar

Full-throated soulster with an amazing set of lungs; sweaty, slightly unnerving madman; or, in his own words: “Soulful, shirtless, powerful, fun time party starter [who] gets you laid.” Har Mar Superstar‘s Sean Tillmann has been called many things over the course of his 13 years performing under the moniker. …



Introducing: Sasha Keable

We meet the entrancing Sasha Keable and give you an exclusive first-look at her ‘Careless Over You‘ video.

At just 19-years-old, rising South London singer/songwriter Sasha Keable has been causing a stir for all the right reasons. You may already be aware of Sasha from her features on …



Rosie Lowe unveils Kwes & Dave Okumu-produced debut EP

We’ve a bit of a Tuesday treat for you here. Devon-bred and now London-based vocalist Rosie Lowe has announced plans for a debut EP, Right Thing, to see release this December on 37 Adventures. Lowe, who up until this point is perhaps best known for her beguiling guest …



New Track: Face + Heel – ‘Chipped Tooth’

Picking up where their much-loved debut 10″, No Stars, left off last year, Welsh electronic duo Face + Heel are set to return next month with the Chipped Tooth EP. In advance of this, the pair – comprised of producer Luke Taylor and vocalist Sinead McMillan – have …