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Revenge of Popular Culture #10: Ends

“I like that there’s an archive of 10. Nice round number.”

Half of it is, yes. And ten is a nice number. Ten seems to do it for most people. With that in mind, here’s the last gasp of Revenge of Popular Culture. A recap, a round-up, a ten-part …



Revenge of Popular Culture #9: Consensus

“A consensus over something as varied as music can’t be right”. (ROPC #8: link)

A shame. A total, tragic shame.

Because I wanna list. I wanna comprehensive Best and a Worst and HOT FOR 2011. Wanna know what I’m going to like over the next 12 months NOW. …


Crotamine Residue

Revenge of Popular Culture #8: Lists

“It’s about how the combination of musical notes that make up songs that we love have vast power” (ROPC #7: link)

This IS what “it” (music, writing music, arguing about music) is about, right? A bunch of atoms vibrating at a frequency that we recognise as a note. …



Revenge of Popular Culture #7: Celebrity

“Kanye West – through infinite rounds of crazy tweets and confessional interviews is attempting to create God in his own image” (ROPC #6: link)

Deification commandment one: Get thee the media on your side. At least, get them interested. They don’t have to like you, but they do …



Revenge of Popular Culture #6: Self-Indulgence

“You can expect a raised eyebrow. A snarl of the lip. Maybe even a few hateful words”. (ROPC #5: link)

You know that by now.

(A pause, please, to allow those who haven’t yet read any RoPC to catch up. Look at them run class. Look at them. …



Revenge of Popular Culture #5: Patriotism… or Promotion?

“Tossed-off, lazy clichés can be caught by the audience and made personal, emotional and even enduring” (ROPC #4: link)

You can’t force it though. And you can’t predict it. And you should NEVER court it. You shouldn’t be manipulative. You shouldn’t be opportunistic. You shouldn’t (for example) send an …



Revenge of Popular Culture #4: Love

After a short hiatus, our RoPC correspondent is returning triumphant; this week he (or is it a she?) is all about love:

Now. Back to our regular scheduled programme:

“Imagine saying and hearing “I love you” until “I love you” became “How are you?” or worse, “Alright?” (ROPC#2: link)…



Revenge of Popular Culture #3: Cool

One day the format will be: Take a sentence from the previous week’s column and embellish it. On the way walk past pop music. Brush pop music’s hand. Look back to see whether pop music noticed. Or if it’s up against the wall, dry rutting that other boy – the …



Revenge of Popular Culture #2: Lying

“I may be back next week with my attempt to find a brand “new” band for you”

I lied. Like we all lie, I lied. I lied. I lied.

Well, when I say I lied, I mean exaggerated. I’ll be talking about some new music, but I did exaggerate. …



Revenge of Popular Culture #1: “New”

Words 250-400, file it on a Thursday, theme it around whatever you want, just as long as it’s musical and new”.

But I don’t know what new is anymore. The Official Charts Company says that Tinie Tempah’s new, but he’s at least one-year-old/new – like Caribou’s old/new, or Surfer …