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Sartorial 7: A Style Collective, 7 Gentlemen and 1 Style Topic

Over the past several weeks we have all been introduced to each individual member of the Sartorial 7. Now we bring you the very first topic of conversation from this select collective of young gentlemen in full: ‘Wrist Wear, the Beaded Accessory.’

To celebrate the launch of the new …


Battle Royale

Video Games at the Movies in 8-Bit Art

Sony has just launched their critically acclaimed brawler/fighting video game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it’s pretty damn exciting.  Anyone that’s played a video game over the past decade is bound to recognize at least a few characters, which include highlights like a Big Daddy from Bioshock, Dante …



Paper Mario: Sticker Star Event

Are you a fan of video games? Do you like treasure hunts? Do you love the Breakfast Club (realistically, who doesn’t) – then head down today for a special treat from Nintendo, who are hosting a free event for today ONLY, to promote the new Nintendo 3DS.

Free play of …



PlayStation Vita – The New Portable console

Gamming Alert! Too all PlayStation enthusiasts; Stop what you are doing! The 22nd February see’s the launch of PlayStation Vita – portable gaming experiences, anytime, and anywhere. Vita is the new handheld console which boasts PS3 level graphics for gaming and WiFi and 3G connectivity so you can always …



…and darkness descended

Playstation has teamed up with Punkdrunk to create a truly unique launch for the next installment of their Resistance franchise. Set in Waterloo Station Arches, it will provide a prequel to Resistance 3, and will involve participants needing to send a message over to US survivors.

The key is to …



N-Dubz’ Little Big Music Video

Remember that music video with hot girls, leotards, camel toes and sweat? Let’s Trade! For Dappy and his silly hat. It seems PlayStation® and N-Dubz have emerged with the unique idea of teaming up for the world’s first music video created on a games console. Do we really need bikini-clad …