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MNEK Wants to be a Fucking Icon

A poorly kept secret star in the making, Uzo Emineke first came to prominence at 14, producing remixes and writing incredible songs for others, generally riling up the pop world. Now, at the grand old age of 19, he’s ready to launch his own project. Watch out world. We caught


New Track: Real Lies – ‘North Circular (Helix Remix)’

Having swamped the electronic pop scene last year with their inexhaustible debut single, ‘World Peace’, London-based band Real Lies are returning. Just released is a Helix remix of their new, ‘North Circular’. It seems in our post-millennial world we yearn for the restoration of decades gone by and this remix …



News: Eastpak heads back to the 90s

Eastpak have taken it way back, way back into time. Ok, to be fair it’s only back 20 years or so, but you catch our drift. The luggage company have re-issued their classic 90′s print, ‘Old Stuff’, for Spring 14 across the Wyoming, as well as other styles. The Wyoming …



Interview: Dopplegangaz

A rap duo who make all their own beats, reminiscent of that late 90s/Golden Era hip-hop sound, further enhanced by modern embellishments and filled with creative content in a laid back delivery… Oh yeah, they also dig around in dumpsters, frequent brothels and perform wearing black cloaks. How could we


Ciate tweet collection

BEAUTIFY: Brocade Parade

For any readers old enough to remember the trashy 90′s fashion that putting halter necks, boob tubes and buffalo boots firmly on that map, I’m sure you are all far too familiar already with the glittery sparkly varnishes in rainbow colours that adorned our nails.

Well the trend is back …



ASOS Urban Grunge

Taking inspiration from the ghetto Gothic movement in current street wear design, ASOS have created a new collection that fuses ’90s grunge and urban fashions; kind of what you would get if Lil Jon and Nirvana were one band. A monochrome mood dominates the collection, with the occasional large print …



ASOS x PUMA Jersey Wear Collection

Next Monday, ASOS and PUMA are set to release their latest collaboration online, with an eleven-piece jersey wear collection inspired by 90s sportswear. Japanese colours and silhouettes dominate this collection, which means that, amidst the bold logos, check prints, exaggerated sleeves, and glossy print techniques, everything remains tastefully minimal. Judging …


Vintage: Pristine pieces including Versace and Moschino

When PlanetNotion came across the gorgeous vintage pieces available at Nines Vintage we all did a little collective faint. With patterns that are absolutely not available in the high-street, we need some of these items more than we need to breathe.

Offering items for men and women, Nines Vintage have …



Goodhood get involved with Gasius

Goodhood is now home to the latest designs with Gasius – the brainchild of London artist Russel Maurice. The Summer tees include six different designs, and all pay homage to Gasius, which was created from a few different influences ranging from 70s logo types, 80s comics, mid 90s skate, …


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News: le coq sportif Flash x Sneaker Freaker

FINALLY, a pair of kicks I can wear with acid-wash skinnies without losing my ’90s street cred. Le coq sportif have teamed up with Sneaker Freaker to create a limited edition of the Flash, designed in pastel yellow and baby blue for a retro, beachside feel.

A total of just …