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Moodboard: Salt Ashes

When I first heard Salt Ashes, aka Veiga Sanchez, I fell immediately in love. It happens a few times a year that I find a song so incredibly amazing that my brain can’t focus on anything else. While she was touted as sounding like Kylie (which is no bad …


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Steps to Becoming a Bedroom Producer

The music world has, in recent times, experienced an extreme democratisation of its resources Because the Internet. Most—if not all—of the most prominent producers today hail from the bedroom—the place where some kind of magic always seems to happen. But these are just metaphors: a bedroom connected to the


get people

BOTW Interview: Get People

We talk to Dom – from our Band Of The Week, Get People – about being in London, production, video art, and cosmic inspirations. Cool guy.

Dan of Bastille said you were mates. He says you have a warehouse space in Dalston, right? Tell us a bit about that…
We’re …



Insight: The Female DJ in 2012

London’s clubland isn’t the guy-led party that it was in the ‘80s, recently the music industry’s stereotype Boy’s Club has been gatecrashed by a legion of amazing, talented women. But where some critics want to separate the boobs from the balls, reviews that read ‘she’s fit ANNND she can DJ’ …