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New Track: Hejira – ‘Litmus Test’

There’s an interesting dichotomy at work in ‘Litmus Test’: the second single to be unveiled from London four-piece Hejira‘s debut album, Prayer Before Birth. It is at once both a stark, vocal-led exorcism and a churning, groaning dirge; finding an unwashed beauty in either guise. Ruled by sheets …


New NX logo gold 25th March square copy

News: NX Records

How often do you get to talk about a university student’s extracurricular achievements? Speaking as a university student myself, I can honestly say, not very often. Certainly nothing that would get a mention on a professional music/fashion site, right? Well, every so often, something worth writing about does happen.

One …



Preview – Herbert’s comprehensive collection “Herbert Complete”

Further to our piece on his celebrated album “Bodily Functions”, we at Notion are thrilled to have two more nuggets of delight to share with you in anticipation of the release of Matthew Herbert’s box set “Herbert Complete”. With a track listing in excess of 130 songs, spanning over …



A Celebration of “Bodily Functions”

Matthew Herbert released “Bodily Functions” in 2001 and combined all of his ambitions as a house musician into one massively ambitious album. With sounds of teeth clacking and various other bodily noises, Hebert’s tracks hit some kind of strange euphoria that make it a classic.

In celebration of this classic …