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Acid Washed

Album Review: Acid Washed – House of Melancholy

In 1938, Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman became the first man to synthesise acid (LSD, for any chemists out there). But in the process, he unintentionally absorbed tiny amounts through his fingertips, experiencing the dreamlike psychosis this powerful hallucinogenic induces. He later conducted a self-experiment with the deliberate intention of discovering …




Yep that’s a name. And it’s, um, fab.

Especially since we may have just found our new favourite scrub. The Glycolic Scrub Fix is a 3-in-1 micro exfoliant with glycolic and hyaluronic acids that help brighten your skintone and renew skin cells. Acids? For my face? Um, yeah guys. Jump …



BEAUTIFY: Products of the Week

What the beauty team have been using this week-

Ole Henriksen Strip Flash Peel

A great at home peel that exfoliates and resurfaces the skin with actic, glycolic and fruit acids whilst algae extract soothes and calms. The peel is a great way to begin the summer- it will remove …



Review: V/A ‘Acid House Anthems’

If you’re getting into electronic music right about now, there are two eras that you really need to get yourself informed about; two movements that have not only shaped what we listen to in clubs, but the way we listen, the way we interact and that have shaped the direction …


Printies - blue-purple leopard

New Ranges from Mr. Lacy!

Sneakerheads alert! That’s right. The geniuses behind the label that helps people pimp out their sneakers couldn’t make do with their current range of Fatties, Flatties, Roundies or Shorties and decided to add more into the mix. The new additions to the collection go by the names Clubbies, Printies and …