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News: Acne Studios SS14

Acne have taken inspiration from abstract artist, Hilma af Klint, for their SS14 collection, interpreting Klint’s paintings from the early 20th Century and transforming them into ready-to-wear pieces with bold patterns and colours. Klint’s art was inspired by an increased awareness of spirituality in the late 19th Century. She …



BOTW Moodboard: Tensnake

“Something for the weekend.” It’s a phrase as ubiquitous to dance music as “get down,” “four to the floor,” or “wow, look at my hands.” So, we’ll forgive you for doubting us when we say that Tensnake‘s forthcoming debut album, Glow (out March 9 on Virgin/EMI), is the perfect



Stockholm Fashion Week SS13: Filippa K

Sweden’s clean, tasteful and impeccable-finished middleweight brands are the darling of global fashion editors; but there is more to Sweden than Acne. Filippa K might not be the most glamorous brand to come out of Sweden, but it is definitely one of the best: simple, luxurious basics that aren’t ridiculously …



Joe Brummell #32– Hair Toppers

The exciting world of men’s hair doesn’t see many changes and trends, in fact post Mad Men there hasn’t been much happening at all, apart from the 50’s quiff. Thankfully there were a few stand out variations on the catwalks recently, so maybe things are changing. If you want new …


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LFW: Topshop Unique

Topshop’s atelier needs no introduction, a consistent favourite season after season, the newly appointed CD, Kate Phelan traded in the penchant for prints (Dalmatian dots of fall, previous) for an inherently cool, male meets female, utilitarian uniform, akin to Acne and the like.

In a word, or two: WANT, everything. …



Joe Brummell #28 – Guns Don’t Kill Spots…Lasers Do

The industry built around spot and acne treatments is massive – mostly because it’s a pretty nasty affliction. People throw money at this problem in a desperate bid to rid their faces of blemishes. Most of these remedies focus on creams, lotions, cleansers and topical applications. The trouble with spots …



Joe Brummell #17 – The Poseidon Adventure

If your Facebook news feed is full of big brands pushing their various wares and your Gmail is plagued by targeted advertising (the creepy kind that makes you feel like you’re being spied on) then you’ll already be fully aware of the power of marketing. Sadly the proliferation of brands …



Joe Brummell #10 – A Spot of Bother

If I said I’d love to have acne, loads of acne, I’d be talking about clothes from the Swedish fashion label, not the skin complaint. For most of us acne is a distant memory from puberty, when combined with embarrassing cracking voices and sprouting hair it marked the transition from …



Presque-Fur: AW11

Now, we’ve all heard of the term ‘faux fur’, which is seen as the ethical way to wearing fur glamour. Looks like it, but isn’t it: no animals harmed.

This season however, there seems to be an emergence of ‘presque-fur’, yes that’s right: nearly-fur, seen from Prada to Acne, and …


Street Style #6 19.07.11 - CharlieMay 001

Street Style #6: Charlie May is ‘Girl a la mode’

Girl a la mode is the alter ego of this week’s street style stunner; Charlie May.  “Who’s that girl?” I hear you say.

Charlie is an East London based cool kid, in the deep depths of launching her own fashion design label, “Charlie May”. Her blog (www.girlalamode.co.uk) is …