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Film Review: Safe

Jason Statham is a man who undoubtedly found his niche. His films tend to have high body counts, fist fighting, one liners and he’ll be a sharply dressed geezer, isolated from the world, who’ll get undressed. Safe closely follows the formula and that’s the smart (and safe) thing to do, …



Film Review: Battleship

The recent history for American action films based on Hasbro toys didn’t inspire a great deal of confidence for Battleship; GI Joe and the Transformers trilogy were bad, and in the Battleship trailer there were plenty of visual similarities to those. Though maybe doing a film based on a …



Film Review: Wrath of The Titans

Despite dealing with Gods, Titans and flying horses, the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans was tedious and lacked any of the original’s charm. But with the back-story now established and the whole of Greek mythology to play with, I hoped that Wrath of the Titans could be less …



Film Review: Colombiana

Luc Besson’s recently produced films are often compared to B-movies but with much higher budgets. With Colombiana I expected entertainment with all the subtlety you’d expect from those who wrote Transporter and Taken, as well as a director who calls himself Olivier Megaton.

A young Colombian girl, Cataleya (Amandla …