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The Field Report #6 – No Rock Ness So Look Elsewhere

Festival season, like an impending wave of low pressure threatening to burst our river banks, is upon us. And to get our taste buds tingling, organisers have been chomping at the bit to let you know of their exclusive headline acts ready to define our summers. These days, the great



Introducing our BOTW: Close

You have to admire Will Saul. Over the last decade or so, the Somerset native has brought us two of the most esteemed imprints in electronic music in the guise of Simple and Aus Music, he’s been the musical delivery man for seminal releases from the likes of …



Review: Amon Tobin at Hammersmith Apollo

The bright lights above the Hammersmith Apollo blared: AMON TOBIN.

Beneath it was a queue that coiled around Queen Caroline Street. People spilled out from the main entrance, past a banner of Jimmy Carr’s waxy mug, alongside a long brick building to a spot beyond some quaint bed and …



News: Deviation Launch @ XOYO

Deviation launches next week at their new home XOYO in Shoreditch. They have successfully kept the line up for next week’s opening party under wraps, making us tingle with anticipation even more. Celebrating their 6th birthday in a much bigger venue won’t change the fundamental feel of the night, it …



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #24

After a little post-festival season slump in the London music scene, things seem to be stepping up a gear or two on the live scene. This weeks listings from our mates at LiS are a shining example of what brilliant gigs the city has to offer – from



Songs For The Week #2

In this edition of Songs For The Week, we have tracks from a melodic indie band, some dark dance, and some proper good hip-hop. There’s something for everyone here. See what we have to say about the tracks, and have a listen.

Antlers – Drift Dive

The Antlers return with …



BOTW Interview: Kwes

A while ago PlanetNotion met with Kwes, and have a chat over multiple cups of tea. We talked about tons of things: his childhood, Power Rangers, joint mixtapes with Micachu, prog, The Congo, and conquering shyness.

I saw you play with Micachu at the South Bank Centre a month or



Actress: Wolverhampton is like Mordor

Underground tech-producer Actress spent about ten-seconds answering Kara Simsek’s questions. Gain an insight in to the psyche of one of the UK’s hottest tips right here – or perhaps not. Props to him for name-checking Lord Of The Rings, though.

Notion: What’s the latest with Werk Discs? Any new



Kicker Conspiracy Presents: Actress (Live)

Holy crap! Actress is playing live (LIVE!) next month at the Kicker Conspiracy party. Did I mentioned it’s live? LIVE! This is almost as rare as Theo Parrish using a laptop, well not quite that far, though his live sets are few and far between. Actually I feel the need …