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Deap Vally

Review: Deap Vally – Album Sampler

Do you like rock music? ‘Cos these girls do. Yes, they did meet at a needlework class, yes they are technically a girl group, but Deap Vally are no twee Phil-Spector wall-of-sound throwback; they’re more like a solid wall of noise. They have connections with all the right people – …


Alabama Shakes

Live Review: Alabama Shakes

Being in the most talked about new band in the world must be a strange thing. Before Rough Trade signed Alabama Shakes late last year the band were relatively unknown in their home town, now the quartet have a top 3 selling record and a fan-base of A-listers worldwide.

With …


great escape

The Great Escape 2012 – Sounds To See And Do

Brighton isn’t all sticks of rock and Leslie Ash being fucked in an alleyway y’know… nah, it’s got loads of music venues that outshine London’s finest, the dandiest of piers, and if you’re really looking out for it – the odd chance of being fucked in THAT alleyway. Enough!

Once …