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Album Review: Jordan Bratton – The Grey Area

With the rise of The Weeknd, Drake and Frank Ocean to name but a few over the last years, a new era of RnB – or as some have come to call it ‘alternative RnB’ – has been ushered in. Although in this day and age we’re so over labels …



Album Review: ERAAS – Initiation

Brooklyn duo ERAAS return with their second album, Initiation. Though, at eight songs-long it’s an awkward length – not quite an LP, but meatier than an EP. Like their self-titled debut, most of the track titles are snappy and abstract – summed up in a word sometimes. While the …



EP Review: Bat and Ball – We Prefer it in the Dark

Sometimes things just click together, be that food types, colour pallets, fragrances, relationships or musicians. They slot like perfect jigsaw pieces, y’know, ones that aren’t starting to fray or rip, ones that lock in the exact position. Bat and Ball fall into this category, with West Country brother and sister …



Album Review: Cults – Static

New York-based Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion aren’t just sugary pop duo Cults, they were also lovers, but this has recently changed. Static is not just a farewell record, it’s a break-up record: perfectly channelling both sides of their split, but sadly putting a hold on Cults for the foreseeable …



Album Review: Drake – Nothing Was The Same

In a post Kanye-West-interview-with-Zane-Lowe world, Drake is looking like an average Joe. He’s a heavyweight big-name, big-bucks star, yet he registers nowhere on the insanity scale of fame. Good for you, Aubrey.

It’s been two years since Drake truly established his widespread appeal with Take Care and, helpfully, this is …



Album Review: Majical Cloudz – ‘Impersonator’

Considering the wealth of production tricks and techniques at the fingertips of contemporary pop acts, it takes someone with palpable guts to down tools and strip away layer upon layer of protective avant-garde chintz. Montreal duo Majical Cloudz have said guts and gusto in abundance: foregoing the gaudy, sample-heavy textures …



Album Review: Born Ruffians – Birthmarks

On Birthmarks, Canadian indie-rockers, Born Ruffians, have managed to craft a bright and high-spirited album, that doesn’t sound patronising, annoying or empty-headed.

The opening track and first single ‘Needle’ immediately grabs listeners by the heartstrings. The simple, natural indie-pop backbeat and the high-pitched chorus sweep you from your …



Reissue Review: College – Secret Diary/Teenage Color

Emerging from the French city of Nantes, College (AKA David Grellier), created a bit of a cyberstorm in the electronic music world with his song ‘A Real Hero’, featuring Electric Youth, which was the main soundtrack for the movie Drive. It was on constant rotation around …



Album Review: Noah and the Whale – Heart of Nowhere

2006 saw the debut of Noah and the Whale, a pleasantly angsty teen indie rock band. Seven years down the line, and they’ve just released album number four: Heart of Nowhere, and not much has changed. They’ve still got their fingers trained on the pulse of the collective …



Album Review: Junip – s/t

Junip have made something very special. The self-titled debut album from José González, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn, takes the listener on a journey, opening up the deepest areas of one’s psyche, allowing the listener to reach within the caverns of their own being whilst also coming up for air …