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Soundchecking with… Antwon

It’s hard to put a label on Antwon’s blend of thrash-influenced hip-hop. But the again, putting a label on things wouldn’t exactly reflect the punk aesthetic that the rapper’s music stems from. Growing up amid the Bay Area hardcore scene, Antwon spent most of his time at all age punk



Notion 067 Dialogue: Ella Henderson

A disconcerting old soul, perhaps, but 18-year old Ella Henderson is just getting started, as ALIM KHERAJ finds out.

Being 18 is a scary time for anyone. Being 18 and launching a music career must be completely terrifying. Yet, as I sit down with Ella Henderson, former X Factor contestant …



Video Premiere: Tinchy Stryder – ‘Misunderstood’

How many times have you heard calls for grime being back? Sure, there were high’s – Lethal Bizzle had ‘Pow’, JME has a load of followers on twitter, and Dizzee Rascal released one of the greatest debut albums to come out of the UK. Yet amid these brief moments of …



Track Premiere: P Money – ‘Bass In Ya Face’

Ah, grime. One of those forlorn British genres that seems to have found itself shrouded by 280p YouTube videos, an inherent back-and-forth artist ‘beef’, and Lethal Bizzle ranting down a webcam using slang too ridiculous to make it onto Urban Dictionary. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you …



New: Grace Jones – Nightclubbing Deluxe Remaster!

One of our all time favourite albums is getting the remaster treatment and an expansion. Grace Jones‘ iconic Nightclubbing originally set the world on fire in 1981, and for the first time bonus 12″ mixes and rarities, including two newly discovered tracks from the original sessions (eek!).

For those …



Album Review: Mazes – Better Ghosts

Following up on their second album, February’s Ores & Minerals, Manchester trio Mazes are back earlier than expected with a guitar-laden ten-track mini LP Better Ghosts.

Not quite a full album but certainly meatier than an EP, the release is perhaps a taste of what is to come from the …



Meet our BOTW: Warm Brains

Rory Attwell has been known as somewhat of a project polygamist when it comes to releasing music. Since the disbanding of Test Icicles in 2006 (*weeps*), Raary Decihells moved on to form RAT: ATT: AGG and KASMs, before landing at Warm Brains. Not to mention a discography of production



Interview: Ella Eyre

In a year when female popstars have entered the frame in ways that, at times, seem more frivolous than musically-orientated, it’s rare to see someone breakthrough with a genuine integrity. 19-year-old Ella Eyre has done just that, building on her vocal features – think Rudimental, Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifa



Why R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties’ Will Soundtrack Your Next Baby-Making Session

Tracing R. Kelly’s career is like a timeline of sexual escapades, narrated by the love-provider himself, and climaxing in a soulful ode to the his most recent sexual conquests. It’s almost as if after every single (probably double) partner, Kelly rolls off his luxe fur sheets and with a body …



Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP (Through the Many Minds of Gaga)

In case you were wondering, Lady Gaga has a new album out called ARTPOP and it is, well, incomprehensible. It’s an album more outrageous than Gaga herself and more sexually overt than Hugh Hefner’s 80th Birthday party (we didn’t think that was possible either).

So, to try and fully understand