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News: Converse launches new tie-dye Chuck Taylor

Oh, the summer is almost upon us. Mentally, admit it, you are already far away from school and work, soaking up the sun, walking the city streets or the countryside dirt roads, or dancing like it’s nobody’s business at some festival. All you need for this is a pair of …



News: Converse Sneakers Clash

At one point or another nearly everyone has owned a pair of Converse. These legendary shoes have become a staple in today’s fashion conscious society. For SP14 Converse have taken their classic design and given them an update, with pops of colour and elevated silhouettes; archive prints and colour …



Preview: Converse Holiday 2013 All Star Collection

Converse have announced the launch of their Chuck Taylor All Star Holiday 2013 Collection. Staying true to the original All Star, the collection is rehashed and infused with seasonal (read: warm) details to prep you for the coming winter months. The iconic silhouette has been updated using premium materials and …



Converse launches 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star

Celebrating their 105th birthday this year, Converse trainers are a staple of any wardrobe. Their new collection launches tomorrow (Friday February 15th) and celebrates the greatness of the 1970s, an era when Converse was celebrated by iconic rock & roller basketball legends and streetstyle skateboarders.

To the naked, and uninitiated …