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Delving into Genres with the Google Music Timeline

As part of the step-by-step plan to Google’s world domination, the search engine-cum-multinational corporation has launched a new music service called Google Play. To give us a gentle nudge towards these new services, the techies over at Google HQ have disembarked their Wi-Fi buses and formulated a Music Timeline



Issue 65: Kirin J Callinan “Deep Man” Feature

Charlie Clarkson delves into the dark, beautiful world of Kirin J Callinan and finds much more than she bargained for.


WORDS / Charlie Clarkson
PHOTOS / Mclean Stephenson

It can take anything from three minutes to three seconds to judge someone new. A smile, a frown, their clothing …



New Track: Let’s Buy Happiness – Run

Let’s Buy Happiness, one of the most meticulous and fastidious new acts around, have released their gorgeous new track Run.

Ruminating and brooding, Run is a glimpse into Let’s Buy Happiness’ desperately awaited debut album Chants For Friends. The Newcastle quintet have slowly perfected their sound and artistic …



Review: Garden Festival, Tisno, Croatia

Freshly-ordained into the EU, the Balkan state of Croatia stretches across the sun-dappled Dalmatian coast and is already well on its way to becoming the best party destination in the Med. Take that Ibiza. Thing is though, they do things a bit differently here: there’s no superclubs with €100 entry …



Gingerline HQ: Fun for date night, or any night…

Founded by a bundle of creatives who share the love for art, theatre, excitement and most of all food, Gingerline is an adventure along the East London Overground line.

Born 2 years ago, Gingerline is helping provide an alternative way of spending your evenings by taking you on an inspiring, …



Top of the Shops: The Merchant 24

Session time: when I stumbled across Merchant 24 I was in fact heading for Shop @ the Bluebird for this week’s Top of the Shops. A destination previously avoided for its inescapable links with a certain scripted reality show, Bluebird somehow felt like this tiny feature’s version of selling out. …



Album Review: EULA – Maurice Narcisse

On their much-hyped debut album Maurice Narcisse, Brooklyn post-punks EULA take their audience captive, shoving down their throats a smorgasbord of influences that read like a who’s who of American alternative rock. That’s not to say the three-piece sound derivative, though. They sculpt and mould their musical forefathers into …



Top of the Shops: MeeMee.com

It happens to us every month. That last Friday, payday, where suddenly all those pages that you’ve bookmarked on your usual webshop reappear in your browser and suddenly you’re clicking ‘buy’ faster than you can believe. The following week, there’s the joy when the clicks metamorphose into lovely parcels arriving …



Label Profile: Drop Dead Clothing Co.

At 25 Oli Sykes has had a worldwide successful metalcore band and clothing line for 7 years, based in Steel City Sheffield and firmly a part of the diy internet business revolution of the broadband era Drop Dead Clothing Co. capitalised on the conditions being right and with £500 from …



Live Review: François & The Atlas Mountains @ Cargo, 18/04/2012

François & The Atlas Mountains wow Steph Rice with their out-of-the-blue school kid dance routines and all-round flawless live show. Read her verdict below.

François Marry and his eccentric companions ease us in with the dreamy ‘Azrou Tune’ before launching into a foot-stomping version of the recent single ‘Les Plus …