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Album Review: Various Artists – Pop Ambient 2014

The beauty encased within the ten tracks of Kompakt’s latest Pop Ambient compilation is like nothing I have ever heard before. Each track disarms, welcoming and inviting you into the world of the Cologne-based house and techno label, revealing to you its softer, more thoughtful side. Each track usurps …



Friday Mixtape: Memory9 – Red Planet Blues

Memory 9, the moniker for prodigal beatmaker Gadi Sassoon, has bestowed a transcending diversity in his releases, moving between genres as varied as jungle, jazz, hip-hop and footwork. These constantly-shifting soundscapes might have something to do with his training as a jazz guitarist and a slide towards the organic side …



News: Laurel Halo set to drop new album ‘Chance of Rain’

Electronic artist Laurel Halo is set to release her new LP, ‘Chance of Rain’, next month. The album follows her previous two critically acclaimed EPs, ‘Behind the Green Door’ and ‘Sunlight on the Faded’. Differing from her previous work, ‘Chance of Rain’ will explore the intersection between rhythmic and …



Album Review: Kyson – Blackstone

There couldn’t be a more suitable title for Kyson’s sophomore record than Blackstone. With its connotations of magma, rock and the fundamental elements of our planet, it perfectly reflects the salt-of-the-Earth approach adopted by Kyson here. Blackstone feels like a work of elemental simplicity – a series of raw, …



Introducing: Liar

To immerse yourself in Strange Love – the sophomore full-length from Bucharest-based producer Liar – is to take a crash course in neo-gothic romanticism, 21st century street grit, and woozy, ethereal sound-worlds long lost to the light of day. It’s an album that lurches its way into your subconscious; imbuing …



Handy Bags: Esther Porter & Marthas and Arthurs

Here at planet Notion we appreciate art in all its forms, but nothing is better than pairing the tranquil alternative sounds of Marthas and Arthurs with the creation of the essential accessory…a handbag. Vocalist and designer Esther Keen’s fine, handmade Ester Porter bags crafted in East London,  bring more to …



VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Clark- Black Stone

A stunningly, peaceful and delicate solo piano composition and short film, the 5 minutes and 17 seconds are comprised of spookiness, nature, sadness and vulnerability. We’d say it’s mystifyingly sorrowful.  The entire duration of the video is gripping and in conclusion, you feel empathetic and bewildered.  It is truly lovely, …



The Society of the Golden Slippers: A Secret Gig

Featuring Robert Vincent, Sweet Billy Pilgrim and Hazlitt

Monday, March 19th, 2012

I nearly passed by the venue as it was hidden down and around and up inside 67 Dean Street in Soho. I noticed a discreet flyer on a door down a set of wrought-iron stairs and …



UK EXCLUSIVE: Shigeto – Huron River Drive

We’ve been fans of Ghostly International multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker Zach Saginaw’s (Shigeto to his fans) work ever since we stumbled across his stuff back at the beginning of 2010 when his first EPs were released. Riffing on the ever-popular chillwave vibe, Shigeto’s six years of jazz training in both NYC …



Interview: Matthew Herbert

His album has got animal activists’ organic knickers in a spectacular twist, with some branding the record an act of brutal torture before even unwrapping the CD’s cellophane packaging. But prolific denunciation from animal lovers aside, a month after Matthew Herbert’s album release and this electronic pioneer continues to fight …