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Shoot: Who’s the Boss?

Feeling a little down and insecure? Well, then hopefully our latest shoot by talented photographer Jemima Marriott and stylist Victoria Gregory will inspire you to let your inner badass out and show everyone who’s the boss! With its risky, daring and seductive glam rock and rock’n’roll aesthetic, this shoot has …



Notion 063 Feature: Cover Star Ciara

She Got The Goodies

Global RnB titan Ciara is coming back for real, marching at the head of a One Woman Army and ready to reclaim her crown. She reveals to Kara Simsek why now is the time to get personal and spills the goss on Future.




Shoot: Spots vs Stripes and All Things Nice

Spring has sprung, time to pick a team: spots or stripes! Or if you just can’t decide take a look at this monochrome mix-up styled by Planet Notion’s fashion contributor Danielle Webber.

Photography: Karl Axon
Styling: Danielle Webber
Hair: Issy Hyde for RUSH using Babyliss
Make-up: Anna Wild @ OB …



Notion 60 Cover Story: Charli XCX

Hyper real princess CHARLI XCX has been literally amazing at making music since she was breaking bedtime curfews to DJ raves. MICHAEL CRAGG chronicles her credentials as the first out’n’out pop star to be born of bits of Tumblr with a forthcoming debut album that has us so excited we’ve …



Discounts, drinks and more delights at the Carnaby Style Night

An exciting event is about to hit London, and it’s one that each of the capital’s hip and chic dwellers should add to their little moleskin diaries: on Thursday, 13th September between 5 and 9 PM, pop by Carnaby Street to enjoy the highly anticipated Carnaby Style Night. Held …



In The Shadows

Heavenly layering leather over lace and beautifully juxtaposing hues, this menacingly luscious shoot has our eyes cemented to the screen in a bewitching trance. The enrapturing styling, as selected by our very own fashion assistants Kathryn Duncan and Ailie Robertson, collides with harrowing splendor in a beauty that’s wildly enviable.