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Taking a Bite #1: How to Make it in NYC

Don’t deny it: we all quite fancy the idea of jetting off to another city and miraculously becoming the darling of the fashion industry there. Right? Well our writer Adam Lee is doing just that and – in a Carrie Diaries meets Girls kinda way – he’ll be writing about



Out and About: Chanel’s Little Black Jacket

A pioneer in terms of silhouette and attitude, Coco Chanel’s inaugural black tweed jacket – now a visual byword for Chanel – broke a 1950s fashion mould. Androgynous yet elegant, her boxy tweed defied the girly norm and provided an outlet for a new kind of femininity.

Now iconic in …


new cards

Preview: Your Own High Fashion Battle

Fashion point-scoring exists in all parts of fashion dialogue, from the conversations between the gate keeping doyennes of taste on an international level, to breaking down the merits of that girl across from you on the tube.

Similar in many ways to the rules of scrabble, a Chanel suit may …



LFW: Meadham Kirchhoff – Show Report

From past seasons experience and the sight of Anna Wintour’s Mercedes nosing its way through the assembled throng, we knew that Meadham Kirchhoff was going to be a spectacular show, and this season did not disappoint. Kicking off with some well-received Spice Girls over the PA system to counteract the …



In the Fashion God We Trust

If fashion was a religion, as many may claim it to be, that would make Vogue the Bible, and Fashion Week Christmas, or perhaps Easter, depending on your outlook. With this in mind, why not pay an almost religious homage to your favourite fashion saint and wear there likeness on …