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Aesop opens in Covent Garden

Our all time favourite Aussi skincare brand Aesop has opened it’s doors in Covent Garden. The sixth shop for the brand in London (and there’s talk of a seventh on the way) was designed by Parisian architects Ciguë and was inspired by a Virginia Woolf quote, a Francis Bacon painting, …


Roller disco

Roll over to Skate King’s Cross

Skate King’s Cross has popped up (literally) in the heart of London’s developing King’s Cross. With top name DJs, delicious food and drinks provided by Disco Bistro, this pop up rink is set to roll throughout the Summer, until September 6th.

We may have all been partial to a roller



Art: Paul Robinson – Redacted

Redacted: in relation to obscuring or deleting specific information – a form of editing in which multiple source texts are combined (redacted) and altered to make a single document.


All Mixed Up

While prepping for my interview with Paul Robinson, I spent a lot of time poring …



Femme Fatale: Georgia Hardinge

Over the coming week Planet Notion will be all about Women.  In our weeklong feature celebrating womenswear design, we will be interviewing apparel designers getting inside the inspiring nature of the alluring, fascinating creatures women are.  Today we talk to womenswear designer Georgia Hardinge, whose avant garde yet wearable aesthetic …



LFW Interview: Julian Hakes

They make you feel like you’re walking on air and are manufactured from materials found in the latest aeroplane designs. To say that Julian Hakes’ shoes are innovative and unique is an understatement akin to stating Vivienne Westwood enjoys the odd dash of tartan and punk. Julian’s already iconic design



Le Cool helps you make a footprint with Fiji Water

Haven’t managed to get tickets to Lovebox? Don’t worry- this weekend why not go on a walk with LeCool, taking in London’s street art, eateries and architecture, on Artisan Wanders.

LeCool promises that you’ll be watered with Fiji Water the entire journey, you can assure yourself that your lack …