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BOTW Single: San Zhi – Ice Light

Our Band Of The Week debuted the video to their new single at the beginning of this week. ‘Ice Light’ is an epic, arctic video full of emerald blue seas and bright white glaciers, punctuated by slo mo scenes of icy fragments. Soft-blurred shots of the duo echo the ’80s …


LFW: T.Lipop

LFW Interview: T.Lipop

Showing immediately after Asger Juel Larsen in a double bill, grindhouse-esque show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, T.Lipop showcased his similarly military inspired collection. Both the brand aesthetics of Larsen and Lipop are widely contrasting; but actually worked together walking back to back surprisingly well. WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT IT??

Like Larsen’s …



Introducing: Shells ‘Arctic’ – Download

It’s Monday and its pretty miserable outside on this seemingly autumnal afternoon so what better way to perk you lovely bunch up than with some freebies? We have brand new music from the hypnotic Shells and it can all be yours in a flash – just click away to download.…