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Interview: Monarchy Talk Space

Monarchy is a band of mystery, so we were as excited as anyone when we got a chance to ask them a few questions. We talked about identities, singles, and the long awaited album.

PlanetNotion:  Why is it that you choose to keep your identities under wraps?

Monarchy: When we …



Exclusive download: Remix of Monarchy’s new single, “Maybe I’m Crazy”

After writing up an album review a couple of days ago, we’re back with more Monarchy-related soundzzz. Except this time, it’s an exclusive remix. Aren’t we good to you.

It’s taken from a collection of five fantastic remixes of their latest single, “Maybe I’m Crazy”, which is set for release …



Album Review: Monarchy- Around The Sun

After following these guys on twitter and reading their tweets about the “soon to be released” album for what has felt like an eternity, it’s finally here: rearranged, renamed, and refined. Everything about this album has been something of a mystery – when the duo began writing it, why the …