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Sera Ulger

Interview: Sera Ulger

This month saw London-based designer Sera Ulger join up with Malibu to release a limited edition summer bottle. The conceptual print designer captures her vibrant and energetic designs, transferring them onto one of this season’s favourite drink! This year to celebrate the collaboration with Sera Ulger, Malibu Rum has also



ASOS Urban Grunge

Taking inspiration from the ghetto Gothic movement in current street wear design, ASOS have created a new collection that fuses ’90s grunge and urban fashions; kind of what you would get if Lil Jon and Nirvana were one band. A monochrome mood dominates the collection, with the occasional large print …



ASOS x PUMA Jersey Wear Collection

Next Monday, ASOS and PUMA are set to release their latest collaboration online, with an eleven-piece jersey wear collection inspired by 90s sportswear. Japanese colours and silhouettes dominate this collection, which means that, amidst the bold logos, check prints, exaggerated sleeves, and glossy print techniques, everything remains tastefully minimal. Judging …



Preview: The ASOS All Nighter

Ever sat at home on a Thursday night, content with the decision to stay in and watch re-runs of New Girl instead of joining the mid-week rockstars? Maybe that’s just the cold winter months talking, but imagine swapping Zooey Deschanel for Jessie Ware and an all-night house party from the …



7 #YOLO Moments (and one to come)

Like it or not, #YOLO is one of the biggest trends to come out of the last few years. Encompassing a generation of kids who are happy to stick two fingers up at, well, most things really, and just get on with enjoying their youth as much as possible. And …



Preview: Little White Lies AW13

London-based Little White Lies is offering a unique collection for AW13 that concentrates on giving nostalgic pieces a very modern twist.


Vintage touches from 60s fashion are paired up with a contemporary mindset, ensuring that the Little White Lies collection flows with a timeless shape. There’s a heavy use …



Preview: Elvine AW13

Elvine have brought along a Scandanavian vibe to AW13 with their new range of jackets that will help combat the bitter British winter chill.

Errol and Styrso

The shellsuit Errol looks fantastic, with the double buttons on the neckline adding a sudden twist of creativity and playfulness to the straight-laced …


Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 13.58.52

News: SinStar SS13

Essex-born label SinStar has stood apart from the fashion pack since its inception in 2010. The brainchild of Sam Bell and Ryan Stripe, who used to be in their own band, the brand bears a strong rock’n’roll influence. Coming a long way from its original t-shirt line, the SS13 collection …


Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 16.42.29

News: Religion design first men’s footwear collection

To accompany their high-summer menswear collection, East London label Religion have designed a range of men’s footwear. Consisting of 8 styles, the line comprises hi- and low-cup sole sneakers and sport-inspired trainers. Materials used are a combination of animal skins, action leather, suede, denim and nylon, sewn together to create …


Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 11.50.57

Shoot: ‘Pretty Boy’ by Jemima Marriott

As summer (supposedly) comes around, some of us are having a hard time remembering how to dress for the warmer weather. Fashion photographer and stylist Jemima Marriott uses high street pieces to remind us how to show a little skin, mastering masculine styles of denim and leather with a distinctly …