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Trending: Tribal

It’s been a hot and humid August in the British isles, and right now, I think Summer just does not want to leave us, as I have found out  the hard way this week. Strolling around London in a wool tartan jacket has not been the best decision I have



Preview: Uniqlo cotton flannel AW13

Uniqlo have gave us a curveball in their AW13 collection, with an inspiring new line of cotton flannel shirts for both men and women.

A fun and casual item that is still neat and sleek, the Uniqlo cotton shirts offer a broad appeal as much for their practical nature as …


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Trending: Grunge

Did you go through a grunge phase? I did, when I was about fourteen and I’m quite happy that there is no photographic evidence of this. I dyed my hair (and the entire bathroom) pink, I wore 16-hole Dr. Martens and I was a barrel of laughs. Or not. As


Trending: the midi skirt

Chance meetings in fashion crop up all the time, but when we ran into the lovely Lorna Weightman of StyleIsle a couple of months ago in a PR’s waiting room, we got chatting and well things went from there. After a few months of discussion, we’ve brought her sage words



The warmest cold: Yusuke Maegawa

I really can’t wait for summer to be over. In terms of wardrobe weather, AW is most definitely my favourtie season. Dark, layering, and luxe make far more of a statement than a (wilting) floral print ever can. Yusuke Maegawa’s AW11 collection provides all the clothing drama and romance I …