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Tips For 2013 Advent #11: Amplify Dot

We like to think ourselves as early adopters here at PlanetNotion. That’s marketing speak for people who know about cool shit before you do, so we can let you know if and when it’s gonna blow up as soon as possible.

Amplify Dot is a female MC we think will …


we were evergreen

Introducing: We Were Evergreen

We Were Evergreen are an absolutely delightful new twee French band who wield such instruments as the ukelele (always a winner), banjo, glockenspiel and… TELEPHONE. Boy how we want to see how such a melange of instruments works out live, but if it’s anything like their too cute live sessions …



Versus! New Weekly Friday At XOYO

Wonder whether you’re going to be feeling the absence of decent club venues this year?  Well hold your horses, 2012 is biting back with a vengeance.

This January XOYO launches a new series of Friday club nights called Versus. Versus brings you an array of bass orientated club music from …