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Friday Mixtape: Solomon Grey

Long week? Yep, us too. Fortunately, Black Butter-signed duo Solomon Grey – comprised of university chums Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson – dropped by the Notion mailbox with the sort of mixtape bound to exfoliate any inkling of day-to-day stress from your aching limbs. Running the gamut from Balam



BOTW Interview: oOoOO

Ahead of his long-awaited debut album, Without Your Love, dropping next week, Alex Cull caught up with San Francisco’s king of dark electronica, Christoper Dexter Greenspan – aka oOoOO. Meeting in a bustling Shoreditch club house, the two sat down to chat about Greenspan’s newly-founded imprint, Nihjgt Feelings


holy other

Album Review: Holy Other – Held

Held, the debut full-length from mysterious Manchester-based producer Holy Other, starts with a low rumble – keep this at the forefront of your mind. It marks the beginning of a carefully constructed sense of unease that permeates even the most soothing moments of Held. It’s a mood that …