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New Track: Let’s Buy Happiness – Run

Let’s Buy Happiness, one of the most meticulous and fastidious new acts around, have released their gorgeous new track Run.

Ruminating and brooding, Run is a glimpse into Let’s Buy Happiness’ desperately awaited debut album Chants For Friends. The Newcastle quintet have slowly perfected their sound and artistic …



Review: Viktor Taiwo, Fabienne & Keyomo @ ThisIsWired, Shoreditch 12.8.13

Born out of Shoreditch House almost five years ago, ThisIsWired is now one of the best live music nights in London. Now taking residency at sister venue Concrete and taking place every second Monday of the month, the guestlisted night has consistently exalted some of the finest emerging talents around, …



New track: Sietta

Australian-based duo Sietta have just released the lusciously soulful Let It Go, and PlanetNotion absolutely loves it.

Opening through a gently verse, Let It Go is a primal hulking mass that feels natural and gloriously primordial. Caiti Baker’s voice is given an empty cavernous space to delicately fill before …


cloud control

New track: Cloud Control – Scar

Australian synth-poppers Cloud Control have released the truly wonderful Scar, quite possibly the best track we’ve heard in a long time.

The second official single from their forthcoming album Dream Cave, Scar is a groove-filled, foot-smashing epic that at times asphyxiates the listener in both sky-soaring confidence and …



Interview: Of Monsters and Men

Imagine: you join a band, right? And then, in true teen-movie style, you play in a battle of the bands competition. And, in true teen-movie style, you win. And off the back of this soaring triumph, within two years you get a world-wide record deal, global media exposure and an …


Funeral Suits

Introducing: Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits may not be the cheeriest band name you’ve ever heard (it’s not exactly Yeah Yeah Yeahs is it?), but they’re not quite the morose introverts their name suggests.

The four piece band from Ireland make the kind of music White Lies or Editors would make if they went …


Library Voices

Introducing: Library Voices

Now that summer has finally arrived, all we can think about is ice cream and sun screen. And music, of course. And there aren’t many better ways for music and sunshine to meet than in the guise of Library Voices, or as they’ll be known come August, the soundtrack …


Alabama Shakes

Live Review: Alabama Shakes

Being in the most talked about new band in the world must be a strange thing. Before Rough Trade signed Alabama Shakes late last year the band were relatively unknown in their home town, now the quartet have a top 3 selling record and a fan-base of A-listers worldwide.

With …



Introducing: Helium Robots

This band specialise in awkwardly fun, fizzy, willy wonka tunes and remixes, dedicated to their spooky robotic fashion. They have an abstract debut album out named Voltopia which is a 10 track amalgamation of mix ups, weirdness and crazy fun! The band sound like they are having a blast and …



BOTW Review: JONQUIL- Point of go

I played the first track of this new album ‘Point Of Go’ and thought it was bloody brilliant! I was initially met with unusual album artwork cover content with a vintage sprinkled, propaganda-like, and mildly de-saturated image collage. The message, I was unsure of, but the music itself spoke volumes.…