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New Balance takes a trip to The Barbershop

Barbershops are making a come back as 1920s inspired grooming and tailoring becomes increasingly popular. We’ve seen more and more traditional style barbershops popping up and, to be honest, we’re huge fans. That’s why New Balance’s homage to the barbershop caught our attention. The Elite Edition Barbershop Pack takes inspiration …



Joe Brummell #53 – Razor Sharp

In 1963 Ben Sherman returned from America to the UK with the simple idea of making a button-down shirt, the kind he’d seen on American polo players while travelling. What happened in the intervening years changed the face of British fashion forever and incorporated trends and cultural movements that still …



Joe Brummell #16 – ‘Movember Rain’

There’s an unmistakeable void between Halloween and Christmas, a tangible dip in spirits when the joy of dressing up as a zombie fades and it’s still ages before the bountiful gift receiving of Christmas. Thankfully Movember has come to fill that gap with aplomb.  In case you don’t know what …