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Moodboard: Wolf Alice

This week on PlanetNotion, we’re offering a selection of the hottest new acts on the festival circuit this year the chance to shout about the things they love. From a playlist of Syron‘s festival bangers to a run-through of all the weird and wonderful things that make Mausi tick,


Young Dreams

Introducing our BOTW: Young Dreams

As the Great British spring gets off to an altogether inauspicious start – looking not unlike the preceding three long months of gloomy winter – you could certainly be forgiven for adopting a similarly bleak disposition. Here at PlanetNotion, we suggest the following daily duties to help shake off those …



Introducing Our BOTW: Fixers

Hello, good morning, guten tag, bonjour, hey, hi… hi. It is Monday morning and you may be feeling a little bit sleepy from partying your weekend away, or you may be reinvigorated from your long Sunday morning walk in Hyde Park. Have you been to Winter Wonderland yet? We’ve heard …



Album Review: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

I remember in the 90s being as Pavement obsessed as the next guy- a lot of classes spent scribbling lyrics on my shoes rather than learning the periodic table, so it’s not much of a stretch for me to completely geek out when Stephen Malkmus releases his fifth post-Pavement album …



DJ Koze Talks Eastern Electrics

Beginning his exemplary career as the DJ for German hip-hop crew Fischmob in the mid ‘90s, Hamburg’s own DJ Koze shimmied towards dance and electronic music respectability like a cloaked and whipped wit-cracker, to escape the dormancy he perceived to be infecting his first love, hip-hop.

Both his work as


grubby mitts

Single Stream: The Grubby Mitts- ‘To a Friend’s House’

We’re all aware that high art can commonly disappear up its own arse. The technically staggering but unnecessarily weighty tome that is Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’, the ‘what the fuck’ factor of Tracy Emin’s ‘My Bed’, the abrasiveness  (and sheer wealth) of Merzbow’s noise compositions.

On paper, the music of The Grubby …



Review: Lightspeed Champion – Bye Bye

Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion has had one heck of a varied career. Beginning as 1/3 of the extinct art-thrashers Test-Icicles, he departed with this anarchic East-End clatter, and adopted an Americana sound with his debut ‘Falling Off Lavender Bridge’. In between this colossal u-turn, he bizarrely penned songs for …


Incarnations - Packshot

Review: Incarnations – With All Due Respect

Who wants time off anyway?

This summer played host to a big Indie revival in surf rock. Wavves, Best Coast and Surfer Blood all brought a sense of nostalgia and general sunshine-fuelled happiness to the table. They produced albums that succeeded due to not only their content, but more importantly …