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Interview: Sonny Smith

Sonny & the Sunsets‘ latest album, the new wave-infused Antenna to the Afterworld, feels like a stark departure from the group’s previous outing, 2012′s Longtime Companion. Rooted in the sci-fi literary influences and beat poets that informed band leader Sonny Smith‘s childhood, it’s a whirlwind post-punk



BOTW Interview: Feathers

Ahead of Feathers‘ long-awaited debut full-length, the equally forward-looking and backwards-glancing ‘If All Now Here‘, finally seeing release later this month, Alex Cull caught up with the quartet’s leading lady, Anastasia Dimou, over a crackly phone line. Read on for an insight into the group’s sci-fi, dystopian



News: Astray Clothing – combining androgyny and marginality

Astray clothing is a new venture straight out of Shoreditch by film director Ben Charles Edwards and Burberry model Oxford Nielsen. Their novel approach to clothing sees them launch a unisex brand of urban apparel which draw inspiration from fringe cultures around the world. This includes symbols inspired by …



Moodboard: Feathers

We caught up with Feathers only a matter of weeks ago. Since then they have announced the release of their debut single ‘Land of the Innocent’  on 25th February, closely followed by their debut album ‘If All Now Here’ on 15th April. Their single is a blend of



BOTW Interview: Post War Years

Planet Notion caught up with our Band Of The Week about their new EP, their sci-fi influences, and (of course) the Olympics.

I’ve just watched the video for ‘Glass House’ for the first time and I am in a slightly scared state of awe. Was that the intended side effect?



Film Review: Prometheus

In a homecoming of sorts, Ridley Scott returns to the same universe of his classic Alien (1979), with Prometheus. Although not a direct prequel, there’re always dangers when referring to past works and perhaps issues about whether or not the new one can be judged on its own terms.…



BOWT Interview: Com Truise

Band of the Week, Com Truise is an interesting man with an interesting tale. He’s made music under a handful of different names, he has a day job (but we learned not for long), and he’s even named his own sound! We asked him a few questions about where he