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Moodboard: Blouse

Following up from their debut self-titled album, Blouse took the whole evolution process to regenerative proportions. Where Blouse was pumped with dreamy synths and electronic drum machines, their sophomore release, Imperium, see’s the band shed the aforementioned elements and record the album entirely with “instruments that don’t plug into the



LFW: Carlotta Gherzi

Carlotta Gherzi described her A/w 11 collection ‘Frozen Flora’ as ‘a line designed for the wicked gal whose secret desire is to be the ice queen and live in a beautiful frozen world’.  And as her creations, draped on models in their signature 13 cm heels, stomped down the runway …



The Blouse, and How To Wear It

Having watched a whole series of The Rachel Zoe Project in one sitting I then spent an inordinate amount of time pondering her eponymous brand of hippie chic. From the outset it seemed her fashion formula was pretty simple; plenty of jewellery, voluminous clothes and of course a whippet-thin body.…