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New Video: SAFIA – ‘Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues’

A lot of the time, songs that open up acoustically with piano and vocals, later on going into a drop followed by some wobbly electronic sounds can either: (A) sound rather cliché, or, (B) be a bit of a disappointment to what started out as a pretty enticing track. But, …



Introducing: Kadija Kamara

Name: Kadija Kamara

Real name: Kadija Kamara

Bragging rights: Supported the likes of Anthony Hamilton, Yolanda Brown and Omar Lye-Fook at their live shows in London. Three top 10 Traxsource singles, with a No. 1 in 2011, called ‘Better Things to Come’ with Joey Negro. Several successful …


josh osho

My Moodboard: Josh Osho

Josh Osho is the next artist to talk about what inspires his music.

The Blues

There is this enchanting charm and powerfully hypnotizing effect the blues has on me. I stumbled across my first portal into the blues through Muddy Waters, the acclaimed father of the electric Chicago blues, and …


geva alon

Album Review: Geva Alon – In The Morning Light

He looks like Beck, sings like Bowie and plays guitar Clapton. It’s like a snowball of the noughties’ cream of the crops, and the flame happens to reignite in Geva Alon. The Israeli blues-rock and folk singer-songwriter releases his fourth studio album titled In The Morning Light and with much …


muddy waters

Playlist: ZZ Ward’s Essential Blues Songs

As we mentioned earlier in the week, we’re loving ZZ Ward’s contemporary take on blues. To get yall who can’t stop listening to W¥tch Hauβ and Night Bus out of your supposed tastemaker ruts, ZZ has kindly put together an Essential Blues Playlist. Her tracklisting includes classics from Robert …



Be a part of (contemporary) Swingin’ London: Stumblin’ Slims

Fancy something different? Or just love everything about the ’50s?

The perfect night to go back in time, where wearing A-symmetrical polka dot dresses and pocket watches is not all about being distinctive, but being nostalgic. The Blues Kitchen, a well-established Rock ‘n’ Roll bar in Camden, have brilliantly put …



Album Review: Patrick Cleandenim – Radio Heartbreak

New York City is like no other city for numerous reasons. In fact, it’s more like a thousand frenetic, overpopulated, flamboyant cities squashed into tiny gridded avenues where everything changes faster than you can hail a cab or grab a cup of “cawfee”. So it seems inevitable that the music …


About Group Album

Album Review: About Group – Start and Complete

Crafted in a purely instinctive environment, About Group have managed to form something new and refreshing. With some songs being written beforehand, but no-one being allowed to work on anything until meeting at Abbey Road, Start and Complete is a completely unorthodox record. The thrust of this being that the …



Converstation with Kurt Vile En Route

Kurt Vile is on the road. There’s a slight echo over the phone, a sort of tinny sound found only in small spaces provided to you by the back of a smallish van, and the window is down as the vroom of passing vehicles intersects our conversation.  Today he is …



Q & A: Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins, a self-trained American singer-songwriter, is due to set foot on our soil in the not so distant future.  Having already been given the seal of approval by Jools Holland a good couple of years back now, she has since broken off from major label Columbia to do things …