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BEAUTIFY: In the name of Love

Love must be in the air- we’re almost half way through February and whether you’re a lover or a hater; V-Day cheese will arrive this week, along with puppy-dog eyes, endless bouquets and bad rhyming.

It’s a mixed bag of feelings for me, although I have someone to ‘celebrate’ with, …



BEAUTIFY: Colourful Givings


Still searching for Christmas gifts? Firstly, what the hell are you playing at! You’ve only got a week! Calm down, calm down. Luckily we have all the best make up gifts that’ll brighten up anyone’s day.

Lancome have their Exclusive Christmas collection all wrapped up in seasonal packaging- ready …



BEAUTIFY: Chanel Superstition

In today’s hotbed of cosmetic companies it’s delightful to see a brand that, almost a century on, still embodies the elegance yet rebelliousness of it’s creator. Chanel to this day remains distinctly Coco, dignified yet daring. Inspired by Coco’s superstitious nature, the appropriately named Superstition collection for autumn/winter 13 consists …



BEAUTIFY: Archie’s Girls

It took all the willpower in my fingers not to name this ‘Archie’s Angels’, but since the newly launched range from MAC is actually called ‘Archie’s Girls’ I thought that would make more sense. The girls we’re referring to here are Betty and Veronica – and Archie (from Archie Comics, …



BEAUTIFY: Are you blushing?

Is it just me or is it too much of a beautiful coincidence that a blusher is called ‘Orgasm’. It’s like NARS chose that name just so that I could make a hilarious pun about blushing and orgasms. But don’t worry, I won’t. That would be way too obvious.

Instead …