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London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #23

London In Stereo selects the best gigs in the city this week, including headliners like Why?, Star Slinger, and Shinies.

London In Stereo’s Gigs Of The Week

Why? // NZCA/Lines // Young FathersElectric Ballroom – Tuesday 9th October
Not only is this awesome because we get to see …



BOTW Track: Bobby Tank – Vector Beach

Just in case you needed more proof that Bobby Tank was great (I mean, it’s not like we’ve been relentlessly banging on about him all week), his track Vector Beach, taken from the Afterburn EP we reviewed earlier this week just so you know, is getting love all over the …



BOTW Review: Bobby Tank – Afterburn EP

Maximalism. We’ve all heard of its counterpoint, minimalism. So it doesn’t take much working out to get to the crux of this blossoming sub-genre: stuff, and lots of it. Maximalism tracks are thickly layered with sonic swirls and surreal synths and propelled directly into your eardrums. It’s pretty intense.

At …


bobby tank

BOTW Interview: Bobby Tank

As part of our Band Of The Week feature, Planet Notion talked to the lovely Slugabed about maximalism, classic influences, multi-instrumentalism, and Kelly Brook obvs.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
1. Shiny
2. Unicorn Moustache Ride
3. Progressive

Youve been championed by a lot of DJs recently…


Bobby Tank

Introducing our BOTW: Bobby Tank

On his Facebook page, London producer Bobby Tank describes himself as “a fast-rising electronic music artist”. Nine out of ten times, this is a recipe for disaster – such arrogance in music? Who’d have thought it. However, in this case, it’s a declaration of intent; an intent to tunnel into …



BOTW Interview: Slugabed

We spoke to our Band Of The Week (or in this case Electronic Artist Of The Week) about the Brighton music scene, his new album Time Team and other upcoming producer talent. 

How did you get into making electronic music in the first place? Is it something you’ve always been