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Lol, so Perf: The Totes Ridictionary

ROFL, TTYL, are you my BFFL? It’s happening. We have a new collection of knowledge to feed off of. The type of knowledge we actually need, thanks to The Totes Ridictionary. This is gorge, totes want it. The Totes Ridictionary is cray-cray, it’s chalk full of every single Twitter-esque verb, …



Project Zoltar, Happy 10th Birthday!

For those of you who may need some educatin’, Project Zoltar is a multi-platform creative collective better known for its own punk-infused Street wear line, Soho-based brick and mortar store and collaborations with the likes of Nike and Frank 151. Look at that, you’re all educated intelligent culture creatures, now.…



Moodboard: The Naked And Famous

This New Zealand quintet have been dousing our speakers with synth-fuelled pop since their debut record back in 2010, Passive Me, Aggressive You. Since then, there has been a whole lot of touring and a (more than) worthy follow-up record. They’ve got that big synths meets bright vocals combination down



MR PORTER Provides A Manual Of Manliness

Are you a man? A man who likes to partake in some of life’s most luxurious, luxuries? Do you need to know how to fight a bad hair day? What about a bear, do you need to fight a bear? If you answered yes, to any of these questions (especially …



Moodboard: Fake Blood

To mark the release of his latest project, FABRICLIVE 69, DJ/musician/producer Fake Blood – AKA Theo Keating – tells us about a few of his favourite things.


Spray Paint:

The potential compressed within each can. The weight in your hand. The soft liquidy clunk of the ball-bearing in …



Inky Fingers #1: ELCAF

One of our New Year’s resolutions (yep, we’ve been thinking about them already) is to get a bit more into those books. You remember books, right? A bit like magazines, but with more words and less pics. And old too. And excellent for reading on the tube. They’re actually a


tall ships

Album Review: Tall Ships – Everything Touching

If I were to take a proverbial approach with this review, I would say that Everything Touching is an exquisite example of how patience is a virtue. This debut’s been a long time coming, and Tall Ships have been building up an eager anticipation over what feels like the last …


Paul Scheerbarth

Print Charming #1: Wakefield Press

You’ve probably picked up on this by now, but we at Notion are print obsessives. We sit in our office surrounded by piles of magazines, obsessing over inky smells and print jobs. It’s a bit geeky, but then why else would you work at a magazine? We’re not limited to


We're Electric

Essay: ‘Lightning – The Dreaded Bolt Partially Explained’ by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

To end this week, we’ve got another lovely literary extract for you to ponder across the weekend. Vauxhall are collaborating with West London publisher The Idler, to release ‘We’re Electric‘ – a book which sees the likes of Will Self and Gavin Pretor-Pinney examine the part electricity has



Susan Greenfield on Storytelling

Once upon a time stories lulled us to sleep as children. They continue to influence how we understand, explain and interact with the world as adults. We live in a world of stories brought to us in books, plays and film.

We’ve all got that inner child inside of us, …