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BEAUTIFY: Supplement Yourself

Want to be the best that you can be? No, this isn’t the beginning of a superhero movie. But it could be the beginning of you having better skin, energy and insides. Supplements are often associated with men-who-work-out-too-much and girls-who-don’t-eat-enough. I’m here to tell you that the way that supplements …



BEAUTIFY: Face Masks

It seems we cannot get away from cold weather- and it’s effect on our skin. That’s why the beauty team have chosen the best face masks that’ll help restore moisture and radiance to your winter-weathered face.

Lancôme: combining natural ingredients with Lancôme advanced technology- Hydra Intense is a real indulgent …



News: Boost by Adidas changes running forever

Now I don’t know much about running shoes since every time I try to convince myself that running as a sport is a good idea I end up looking like a cross between Bambi trying to walk and a hyperactive squirrel. I leave serious running to the professionals, the Usain …