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Album art work for Ne-Yo shot in Los Angeles, CA.

Ne-Yo on Ed Sheeran and Fire-breathing Dragons with Lipstick

Ne-Yo releases his first album in two years tomorrow! We sat down with the global, superstar, hitmaker, to talk about the new album ‘Non-Fiction’, writing credits and hats – duh?

PN: I Walked in to Ne-Yo humming Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’, so of course I had to ask…

NY: I haven’t …


SmalloneseditedforOW-Pola (3 of 5)

BOTW Download: Othello Woolf- ‘Scared of Love’

I think it’s one of the few assuming statements to say that, almost everyone has suffered a broken heart. And it  just so happens that BOTW Othello Woolf has suffered the same fate, but he’s made sure to let us know that just because it hurt once doesn’t mean you …