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Interview: Holograms

Having released their second album, Forever, earlier in September – a mere 14 months after their self-titled debutHolograms have proved their worth with a polished follow-up that still keeps a raw, energetic character. Displaying the passionate relationship the Stockholm punk outfit have with their music, it reflects



Interview: Baillie Walsh (Springsteen & I)

There’s only one boss. The Boss. And he goes by the name of Bruce Springsteen.

My love for Bruce began the first time my dad put on Born In The USA album on a family road trip and it hasn’t faltered since. Neither has it for the millions of Springsteen …



Album Review: Noah and the Whale – Heart of Nowhere

2006 saw the debut of Noah and the Whale, a pleasantly angsty teen indie rock band. Seven years down the line, and they’ve just released album number four: Heart of Nowhere, and not much has changed. They’ve still got their fingers trained on the pulse of the collective …



Notion 063 Interview: Kurt Vile

Unruffled singer-songwriter Kurt Vile describes the creation of his latest record, Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze, as a simple piece of cake. Ringing out a newly ambitious classic rock sound, Huw Oliver meets him just as he scores the winning goal in this exclusive from Notion 063. Order your copy



Review: Ben Howard – The Burgh Island EP

Fresh from a Mercury nomination, this is the moment when the world is waiting for Ben Howard to firm things up, grow, mature, confirm all that promise and establish an identity… all that bildungsroman stuff. Everybody knows you can’t really walk the line between BBC Radio 2 airplay and a …