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BEAUTIFY: Keeping up with the Bob

When I decided to cut my long hair off 6 months ago- I knew what I wanted. I wanted to emanate the impossible cool of Daria Werbowy, Catherine McNeil and Arizona Muse. Yes, I was scared that my temperamental curly hair would turn into a mess of ringlets, but I …



Get the LCM Look with Bumble and Bumble

This week’s Groomed is the second and final part of my Get the #LCM Look articles. During LC:M I was also asked to attend shows with Chalk PR and Bumble and Bumble, who were working on some of the most noted presentations on the schedule. From it’s initial founding



BEAUTIFY: In the Issue

It’s a universal idea in relationships – the taking or ‘borrowing’ of each other’s belongings – the sight of a girlfriend stealing the boy’s oversized jumper, the boy borrowing her underwear… OK, maybe not the second one. But when it comes to beauty and grooming products, where is the line …



BEAUTIFY: Big is back with Bumble

Although you won’t perhaps be going quite as big as Cara and co backstage at Sister by Sibling AW13, big hair is in. That means volume and curls are exaggerated. This weather sure does gives you ‘volume’ but not the kind you want- it’s not about out of control frizz, …



BEAUTIFY: Back to the Beach

I know, I know the sun has been out for two minutes and I’m already talking about the beach but… come on, I know you’ve been thinking about it too. And even if you can’t get to a beach I’m going to let you know how to have hot-surfer-beach-ready hair …



BEAUTIFY: Semisumo

Recently on Beautify, we’ve covered skincare, nail varnish, spas and even lipsticks and luminizers- but what about hair?

Semisumo, that’s what. Officially voted the coolest hair care brand this year, Bumble and bumble have released their newest must have product ‘semisumo’. It’s easy to see why it’s a must have- …